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James Garner explained in an interview that Jim Rockford's license plate number, 853-OKG, was created by his agent at the start of the show and stands for August, 1953, when Garner got his first acting job, and OKG which stands for Oklahoma Garner, his home state. ...view more trivia or submit your own
SYNOPSIS Easy-going ex-con-turned-private-investigator Jim Rockford (James Garner) generally avoids fights, packing heat and never takes "open cases." Rockford isn't lazy or cowardly; he simply favors caution over recklessness and bravado, bearing a striking resemblance to Western television hero Bret Maverick (also portrayed by Garner more than a decade earlier). Just barely scrapping by, using a dilapidated mobile home as his home and office, Rockford earns his bread and butter solving cold cases, missing persons investigations and low-budget insurance scams against a sunny Los Angeles, CA, backdrop.