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Land of the Lost Saturday morning memories!

A Texan visits Land of the Lost—not from the state of Texas—but...more
The Marshalls learn that their arrival in the Land of the Lost created a paradox...more

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  • On this day in 1922, Jacob Joachim "Jack" Klugman was born in Philadelphia, PA. Klugman is best known to MeTV viewers as Oscar on 'The Odd Couple.'

CHiPs Guest Stars

From Ed Harris and Bryan Cranston to Elvira and H.R. Pufnstuf, watch...more


Simon Pegg will pay his respects to Leonard Nimoy in the upcoming Star Trek 3

Simon Pegg will pay homage to the late Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek 3, which Pegg is currently writing...more

George Takei shares Star Trek audition secrets with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Auditioning is certainly not fun and games, as George Takei tells Neil deGrasse Tyson in this...more

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