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Daniel Boone Crisis By Fire A smallpox epidemic threatens Boonesborough, and an ambitious ex-officer in the Continental Army sees a way to use the scourge to gain power.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Credulous Quarry Mason defends Richard Hammond, charged with killing his former girlfriend by running over her with his car.
Quincy, M.E. Let Me Light The Way A suspected rapist seeks revenge on Quincy by attacking his friend.
The Rockford Files Heartaches Of A Fool When Rocky is hijacked and injured while delivering sausages, Jim investigates the sausage company through their spokesperson, a country and...
Gunsmoke Vengeance: Part 1 Bob Johnson, Zack Johnson and Floyd Binnes are accused of cattle rustling by Parker, a powerful land baron. Floyd is killed while being dragged...
Bonanza The Clarion An old friend of Ben's owns newspaper The Clarion, but she is facing resistance in her town and might lose her business. Ben, being the gentleman...
The Rifleman The Deserter Lucas and Marshal Torrance get into trouble with the Army when they try to help a wounded young soldier who deserted.
The Rifleman The Vision After Mark contracts typhoid fever and has a vision of his dead mother, he no longer seems interested in getting well.
Emergency! Nurses Wild A store owner shoots an armed robber and is filled with remorse. Sparks fly between Johnny and a nurse. Dr. Early treats an alcoholic. A dog delays...
Emergency! Publicity Hound John is envious of the publicity given to another paramedic. After Roy and John rescue a man trapped in ship's rigging, John gets seasick. Dr....
CHiPs Sick Leave Jon and Ponch try to help fellow officer Andy, who is pulling dangerous stunts at work, making warped judgement calls and causing a strain in his...
M*A*S*H Give 'em Hell, Hawkeye Hawkeye writes a heartfelt letter to President Harry Truman to protest at the continued fighting in Korea. Meanwhile, Colonel Ditka has promised a...
M*A*S*H Wheelers And Dealers On the eve of a big poker game, B.J.'s pride is bruised when he finds out his wife is working as a waitress. And Potter takes driving lessons from...
The Andy Griffith Show Andy's Vacation A grumpy Andy agrees to take a few days off and heads up to the lake to relax. Barney and Gomer are in charge, and manage to capture (and lose) an...
The Andy Griffith Show Andy Saves Gomer Gomer is convinced that Andy saved his life by putting out a small fire at the filling station. He then begins to repay Andy by becoming his servant.
Saved by the Bell Pinned To The Mat Confident of Bayside's winning streak, Zack bets on a wrestling match, only to find that Slater's quit the team and has been replaced with Screech!
Saved by the Bell Beauty And The Screech After discovering she is failing in science class, Kelly is tutored by Screech, and soon develops a crush on him.
Saved by the Bell The Zack Tapes Zack uses his subliminal advertising course to get Kelly to go with him to the Sweetheart Dance. But when his plan backfires, the whole school vies...
Saved by the Bell The Friendship Business The gang starts a business selling friendship bracelets, but Zack's tough work schedule tests the limits of their friendship.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Steve Lawrence In Kitchen Commercials, Carol and the gang parody classic kitchen commercials. Then, in Fire At Will, Private Tim can't detonate the cannon...
Perry Mason The Case Of The Desperate Daughter Stefan Riker has come from Germany seeking the woman posing as Lisa Bannister. Attempting to help her stepmother, Doris Bannister pretends to be...
Man From Taos "McCloud goes to help a lady in distress, but gets caught in a shootout that sends him back to Taos on Chief Clifford's orders. At the last minute,...
Night Gallery The Ghost Of Sorworth Place An American drifter protects a Scottish widow from the specter of her late husband.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Life Work Of Juan Diaz A dying Mexican frenetically looks for a way to provide for his poor family after his death.
Thriller A Wig For Miss Devore A washed-up actress selects for her comeback vehicle the true story of a woman who was accused of being a witch and subsequently hanged. When she...
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