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That Girl Beware Of Actors Bearing Gifts When one of ann's fellow acting students keeps on giving her gifts, ann and don assume he is stealing them.
Make Room For Daddy Terry Comes Home Terry returns from college in Europe a cultured, sophisticated woman. Danny is afraid that he has lost his little girl.
Petticoat Junction The Black Box A U.S. government top-secret camera falls out a plane and lands in the Shady Rest. Little does anyone know, the curious device could bring them "explosive" problems.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Gypsy's Warning Mrs. Drysdale hires two gypsies, Narda and Yerko, to scare the Clampetts away. Granny is afraid that the gypsies will try to steal Jethro away. But the gypsies have another plan, after...
The Donna Reed Show Big Star Mary discovers a great singing talent in her boyfriend, who is shy and afraid of an audience. Shelley Fabares sings "Big Star."
I Love Lucy Tennessee Ernie Hangs On Lucy gets sick of an extensive visit by Tennessee Ernie, who claims he is her cousin. She tries to get rid of the likable character by pleading poverty. The scheme backfires when...
Leave It to Beaver Blind Date Committee Wally becomes the chairman of the blind date committee for an upcoming dance. However, Wally quickly wants to resign from the position when he can't find anyone to go with the new girl,...
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Takes A Bath Ward and June allow Wally to babysit Beaver one evening while they attend a party. However, things go awry when Beaver gets ready to take a bath. He accidentally lets the bathtub...
Daniel Boone The Secret Code Daniel Boone goes to rescue a code expert from the British and very nearly loses his own life in the process.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Poison-pen Pal "A casual pen pal relationship leads to insider information and murder. "
Dragnet The Shooting A police officer is shot while making a routine check on a pair of paroled convicts parked near a liquor store.
Dragnet The Hit And Run Driver Friday and Gannon use newspapers, radio and TV to publicize their clues to the identity of a hit-and-run driver.
The Rockford Files With French Heel Back, Can The Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind? "While investigating the death of a young model, Jim keeps stumbling into the murder of a jet setting model and the connection between them and a fashion house about to sport a new line."
Gunsmoke Larkin Newly finds himself in a strange alliance with a professional killer as he tries to return to Dodge City with his prisoner (Jaeckel) before they are both killed by a trio of bounty hunters.
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Bonanza The Last Vote Hoss and Joe's bickering lead them into taking opposite sides in the Virginia City mayoral race. Their zealous actions cause Virginia City's citizens to divide into two factions, causing...
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The Rifleman The Deadly Wait Dan Maury, released from Yuma prison, arrives in North Fork intent on getting even with Marshal Torrance, who helped send him to jail.
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The Rifleman The Wrong Man Young Mark McCain is eager to help lawman Jay Jefferson, who has arrived in North Fork intent on killing an outlaw for the reward, whether he is the right man or not.
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Adam-12 Victim Of The Crime Malloy and Reed are left frustrated after investigating the theft of an elderly woman's old television set, but they have hope that a recently passed law may provide her and other victims...
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Adam-12 Pressure Point Officer Woods' new partner is a nervous and quiet recruit, and the embarrassing secret he's trying to keep from his fellow officers might actually imperil them. On today's patrol, a real...
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Emergency! Hypochondri Cap "Capt. Stanley convinces himself he has arthritis. A man gets his hand caught in his garage door opener; a woman passes out and has an auto accident; the doctors treat a woman infected...
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CHiPs Vintage '54 Ponch and Jon help reunite a baby with the family who left it behind following the confusion of packing for a vacation.
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M*A*S*H The Trial Of Henry Blake Majors Houlihan and Burns press charges against Colonel Blake to get him arrested and put Frank in charge. They also put Hawkeye and Trapper under arrest so that they can't help Henry.
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M*A*S*H Dear Dad... Three Once more Hawkeye writes home to his father: the doctors operate on a soldier with a grenade shot into his body; Hawkeye and Trapper color the skin of a racist patient, who demanded the...
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The Andy Griffith Show Bringing Up Opie Aunt Bee, believing that the jailhouse environment is adversely affecting Opie, forbids the lad to spend time at work with Andy.
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The Andy Griffith Show Opie And The Bully A schoolboy bully makes life miserable for seven-year-old Opie.
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Hogan's Heroes Klink's Old Flame Hogan uses the car of an SS man who's just married Klink's old girlfriend and is honeymooning in Paris, where Hogan needs to pass radios to the underground.
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Gilligan's Island My Fair Gilligan After Gilligan saves Mrs. Howell's life, Mr. Howell decides to make him his son.
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The Bob Newhart Show My Son The Comedian It's no laughing matter for Howard when his 12-year-old son, Howie, announces he's leaving home to become a comedian.
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The Bob Newhart Show You're Fired, Mr. Chips Bob interviews a variety of psychologists to take over his patients while he's out of town. It's soon apparent that they are very much in need of help themselves. When Bob's former...
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Cheers The Boys In The Bar Cheers' regulars fear the place may become a gay hangout after an old friend and teammate of Sam's reveals his homosexuality in a tell-all book.
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Perry Mason The Case Of The Garrulous Gambler Larry Benton is a hard luck guy. He gets in an argument in a poker game and knocks Mike Granger out cold. Then his "friends" inform him that Granger is dead. Unknown to Larry, the entire...
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Adam-12 The Search Malloy and Reed report to a robbery at a grocery store, where Malloy is required to engage in a high-speed pursuit with one of the suspects while Reed apprehends the other on foot. When...
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Adam-12 The Ferret Malloy and Reed are on the lookout for an environmentalist known as "The Ferret" who has been posing as an employee to infiltrate and sabotage industrial complexes he feels are creating...
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Night Gallery Little Girl Lost Military strategists unwittingly plant the seeds of the apocalypse when they humor a scientific genius unbalanced by his daughter's death.
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Ironside One Hour To Kill With his assistants away, Ironside is on his own and receives an anonymous - and ominous - phone call telling him to expect a deadly visitor in one hour's time. With no weapons at his...
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Route 66 Kiss The Maiden All Forlorn "Tod and Buz meet Charles Clayton, a fugitive swindler who has returned to the US."
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Naked City Face Of The Enemy A former Medal of Honor winner goes on a killing spree shortly after his daughter's wedding.
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