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Petticoat Junction Billie Jo's First Record A slick, big-city promotion man concocts a phony publicity build-up to promote Billie Jo's first record.
The Beverly Hillbillies Women's Lib Granny and Elly have decided to support the women’s lib movement, since Jethro treats them like servants. Each time Jed tries to make it better, Jethro ends up messing it up and upsetting...
That Girl Gone-A-Courtin' Ann helps out a producer in court over a shish-kabob accident.
I Love Lucy Drafted When Lucy opens a telegram addressed to Ricky ordering him to appear at the Army's Fort Dix, she assumes that he has been drafted. Ethel suspects that Fred has been drafted as well. Their...
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The Love Boat Promoter, The (Part 2) "Part 2. A "Marriage-A-Thon" cruise has 25 engaged couples competing for prizes before a mass wedding."
Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly Debt "Police detective Danny Talbert's father dies from a heart attack caused by stress from the fact that he was into mobster Steve Radom for a $10,000.00 debt. Or so Danny believes. When...
Quincy, M.E. Last of the Dinosaurs When Will Preston, a Western movie star and one of Quincy's idols, is found dead Quincy clashes with Lt. Monahan over what really happened to cause the actor's death.
The Rockford Files The Attractive Nuisance While Rocky opens a new restuarent which is watched by a mysterious old man, Jim faces a personal injury suit when some guy falls of the roof of his trailer.
Gunsmoke Kiowa Matt must rescue a teenage girl from indians and bring her back to her family.
Bonanza The Jackknife "Searching for missing Ponderosa cattle, Adam Cartwright stops to aid injured rancher, Matt Grant, takes him home and stays to help his wife and son while he recovers. But Adam doesn't...
The Rifleman Strange Town When Micah is badly injured by an escaping prisoner, Lucas tracks the prisoner back to his home town.
The Rifleman Baranca When an outlaw leader lures Marshal Torrance out of town, Lucas is the only one who can stop him from lynching a local man who killed one of the members of his gang.
Adventures of Superman The Man Who Made Dreams Come True A mystertious villian called the Dreamer convinces a superstitious king to perform fatal acts.
Adventures of Superman Disappearing Lois Lois disguises herself as a maid to get an interview with a gangster. He orders his henchman to dispose of her and Jimmy.
Emergency! Right at Home Dr. Brackett rides along with a fire department helicopter crew. A boy causes trouble for the paramedics when he and his father are rescued after their camper has overturned in a canyon....
CHiPs The Game of War Ponch and Jon have to deal with a bunch of soldiers whose war games get out of hand.
M*A*S*H The Red/White Blues Colonel Potter nearly blows his stack when his well-intentioned colleagues mollycoddle him in order to lower his blood pressure.
M*A*S*H Bless You, Hawkeye When Hawkeye can't stop a sneezing fit that has no apparent cause, psychiatrist Sidney Freedman digs into the surgeon's past for a clue to this unusual malady.
The Andy Griffith Show Ellie for Council Ellie's decision to run for town council sparks a battle of the sexes.
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The Andy Griffith Show Stranger In Town When a stranger comes to town, Barney and the people of Mayberry grow suspicious when he seems to know too much about them.
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Hogan's Heroes The Battle of Stalag 13 Two German officers interfere with Hogan's operations when one tries to turn Stalag 13 into an officer's retirement home the other wants to use the facilities to interrogate the citizens...
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Cheers Spellbound Diane and Carla console Loretta, who has caught Nick cheating on her. They counsel her to stand on her own two feet and leave Nick. When Nick comes into the bar to claim her back, a...
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The Odd Couple Felix is Missing When Felix disappears without leaving word about a sudden photo assignment, the guys assume he's dead and Oscar is accused of foul play.
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The Odd Couple The Hideaway Oscar negotiates with teams for a hot Eskimo quarterback, but Felix intervenes when he thinks the man has a better chance as a cellist.
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Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Neil Sedaka In I.R.S. Office, Harvey uses his income tax tricks to woo a woman. Then, in Kitchen Commercials, Carol and the gang parody TV kitchen products. Finally, in The Long Goodnight, Carol...
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Perry Mason The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe Mason digs into a dead man's past in search of evidence to clear an accused murderer.
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The 42nd Street Cavalry The 42nd Street Cavalry McCloud's lackluster assignments make him grouse, so Chief Clifford sends him to the Mounted Unit. A fence sets up a munitions theft at a National Guard Armory (USMC) for a revolutionary...
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Night Gallery A Question of Fear An intrepid mercenary accepts a $15,000 bet to stay overnight in a haunted house.
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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Star Juror "Killer George Davies faces a sarcastic difficulty: he's a part of the jury that is trying a different man for the crime he committed."
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Thriller Guillotine To save the life of her husband who is to be executed, a young woman attempts to murder the executioner.
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