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Wanted Dead or Alive The Showdown Johnny Haywood, a childhood friend of Josh's, claims to be innocent of the crime of which he is accused. When he escapes, Josh is ordered to bring him back—dead or alive.
Make Room For Daddy Jack Benny Takes Danny's Job Danny fully expects to perform at Rusty's cub scout show for the third consecutive year and is annoyed at being asked again, until he finds he's been replaced by Jack Benny, who guest stars.
Petticoat Junction Have Library, Will Travel Uncle Joe has fallen in love with librarian Phyllis Marsh, who is opening a library inside the baggage car of the Cannonball.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jethro Goes To College Jethro is trying to conjure up a girl with Granny's potions. Jed thinks that Jethro needs to get girls off of his mind, believing he should get more education. Drysdale tells Jethro he'll...
The Donna Reed Show The New Office Alex decides to move his medical office from the house to newly leased office space.
I Love Lucy Lucy Tells The Truth Ricky and the Mertzes bet Lucy that she can't go 24 hours without telling a lie. The outcome? Lucy insults all her friends and has to admit her real age, weight and hair color. But she...
Leave It to Beaver The Broken Window While playing baseball in the street with Wally, Chester and Tooey, Eddie hits a baseball through the Cleaver's window resulting in Ward forbidding the boys to play baseball so close to...
Leave It to Beaver Train Trip After a week-long visit with their Aunt Martha, Wally and Beaver prepare to head home to Mayfield on a train. After talking Martha into letting them buy their own tickets, they discover...
Daniel Boone The Symbol Boone and Mingo retrieve the Liberty Bell after it is stolen by a titled thief.
The Love Boat Eyes Of Love (part 2) "Part 2. Thieves eye a honeymooning actress's gems; a man encounters his blind childhood love; a wife meets her spouse's mistress."
The Mod Squad Fever Terrifying journey for Julie: a man who kidnapped his son forces her to drive them to Los Angeles, knowing both he and the child were exposed to a deadly disease.
The Rockford Files Mayor's Comm. Deer Lick "Four Michigan businessmen try to commission Jim to kill a woman who can connect them with a massive tax evasion."
Gunsmoke Susan Was Evil When a woman and Dillon's wounded prisoner fall in love, her selfish niece makes plans to turn him over to bounty hunters.
Bonanza Journey To Terror During a difficult drought, a friend of Joe's has decided to join an outlaw gang without telling his wife. The man's wife believes he's been out looking for work all this time and doesn't...
The Big Valley Tunnel Of Gold Victoria extends credit to help an old friend open a store in Stockton, not knowing that the woman’s husband has a shady background and that his old associates have their eyes on a...
Adam-12 Hot Spell On an unseasonably hot day, Malloy and Reed suspect that an elusive bicyclist who overreacts to having his air pump stolen in a park is actually a drug pusher. Meanwhile, their...
Adam-12 Gifts And Long Letters Malloy and Reed begin today's patrol by investigating a deluded and reclusive parolee whose troubled girlfriend in the apartment next door has just attempted suicide for the second time....
Emergency! The Tycoons John gets everyone but Roy excited about buying into a nearby hot dog stand. By the time Roy gets interested, the stand burns down. A man is injured in an accident with a power lawn mower.
The Rifleman Day Of Reckoning Lucas is torn by conflicting emotions when he meets the town's new preacher—a former outlaw whom he vowed to kill.
The Rifleman The Day The Town Slept The town of North Fork becomes a haven for outlaws when suave Ben Judson smooth-talks his way into the marshal's job.
M*A*S*H That Darn Kid Klinger buys a goat, with the intention of getting rich by selling its milk. Then the goat eats the 4077th's $22,340 payroll, leaving paymaster Hawkeye holding the bag. Meanwhile, Charles...
M*A*S*H Hey Look Me Over Margaret and her nursing staff are about to be inspected by Col. Bucholz. Meanwhile, Kellye is offended that Hawkeye is attracted to nurses besides her.
Gilligan's Island Two On A Raft An ill-fated three-hour tour aboard the S.S. Minnow shipwrecks seven castaways on a uncharted island. Gilligan and the Skipper set out on a flimsy raft to find civilization.
Happy Days Love And Marriage After a month of dating, Al wants to ask Chachi's mom to marry him. Being an old fashioned guy, Al asks Chachi's permission. He grants it but doesn't think she'll want to marry Al.
Hogan's Heroes The Collector General Hogan tries to keep a fortune in paintings from winding up in the collection of a general.
Welcome Back, Kotter The Sweat Smell Of Success Epstein is assigned to the school paper and changes it from a dull, lifeless weekly to a gossipy, sensationalist money-maker -- almost losing his friends in the process.
F Troop Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth O'Rourke installs Agarn as fort cook so they can profit from inflating the food supply lists.
F Troop Indian Fever Agarn alone keeps seeing an indian sneaking about the fort, but fellow troopers believe he has indian fever.
The Twilight Zone The Fever Tight-fisted Franklin Gibbs is not pleased when his wife wins a trip for two to Las Vegas. But things change when he falls under the spell of a slot machine that calls his name.
Perry Mason The Fancy Figures Martin Ellis is sent to jail for stealing the sum of $300,000.00. Ellis is later exonerated thanks to evidence discovered by his wife and the real thief, Charles Brewster, is arrested for...
Dragnet Frauds: Dr 28 Friday and Gannon investigate the delay of death notifications in the state employment department.
Adam-12 X-force Malloy and Reed lead a house-to-house search for a missing six-year-old girl, and what Malloy does after discovering the horrible things that have happened to her could short-circuit his...
Night Gallery The Other Way Out Ross Martin plays an executive responsible for a go-go dancer's death. The victim's grandfather, played by Burl Ives, calculates vengeance.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Return Of Verge Likens "A country farmer plans a particular vengeance on his father's assassin."
Thriller The Watcher A religious, well-respected teacher with a hidden agenda, believing that it's his duty to prevent his neighbor from being corrupted by young women, utilizes violent extremes to achieve...
Wagon Train The Zeke Thomas Story Zeke Thomas and his second wife are headed West with the train when he's confronted with a huge problem. During a stopover, Zeke sees his first wife—who he thought had died.
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