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Shepherd's Chapel
Enjoying Everyday Life w/Joyce Meyer
Life Today w/James Robison
The Donna Reed Show The Busy Body Donna's uncle comes for a visit, and the more he tries to help everyone, the more he messes things up.
I Love Lucy Don Juan Is Shelved Lucy takes a dive in an effort to further Ricky's career by creating a big splash in Hedda Hopper's Hollywood column. Her scheme turns out to be...
The Andy Griffith Show Politics Begin At Home Aunt Bee runs for a seat on the city council against the more-qualified Howard, who is supported by Andy.
The Andy Griffith Show The Senior Play Helen devises a plan to get back at the high school principal when he objects to her involvement in a play put on by the senior class, a play that...
Daniel Boone Before The Tall Man Boone and Rebecca act as matchmakers for a stubborn carpenter and a knowledge-hungry girl.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Golden Fraud Richard Vanaman's shot at a big promotion is sabotaged when he is framed for murder.
Quincy, M.E. Beyond The Open Door A woman with psychic powers helps the police track down a serial killer.
The Rockford Files Trouble In Chapter 17 Jim works for an author who claims her life is being threatened by feminists. A number of accidents take place but Jim is not totally convinced...
Gunsmoke The Wrong Man Hootie Kyle is a poor but honest farmer whose credit has run out. Matt Dillon and Festus lend him some money, only to be swindled out of it in a...
Bonanza Judgment At Olympus Candy stands accused of murder in the town of Olympus. The victim's father is determined to give Candy a fair trial, but then Joe is locked up on...
The Rifleman The Angry Gun Lucas and Mark, returning from selling their herd, share the stagecoach trip with a Marshal and his prisoner, Johnny Cotton. Johnny's gang arrives...
The Rifleman The Gaucho Rumson, without even saying to whom he had sold his property, left the bill of sale with the bank and moved away from North Fork. Curge, who's...
Emergency! The Great Crash Diet Conducting a fire inspection, Roy and John rescue a diver in a fish tank. A birthday boy eats raw dough and gets a stomachache. An experiment in...
Emergency! The Tycoons John gets everyone but Roy excited about buying into a nearby hot dog stand. By the time Roy gets interested, the stand burns down. A man is...
Gilligan's Island Music Hath Charm After hearing Gilligan drumming, Ms. Howell is inspired to form an island orchestra. Unfortunately, the drumming has also attracted the attention...
Hogan's Heroes Cuisine A La Stalag 13 LeBeau decides to escape leaving the camp without a chef.
M*A*S*H Nurse Doctor A beautiful and ambitious young nurse, Harris, who plans to become a doctor when she leaves the Army, finds herself in a misunderstanding with...
M*A*S*H Private Finance A South Korean woman misinterprets Klinger's motives when he tries to help her daughter financially. Meanwhile, Hawkeye wrestles with his...
The Andy Griffith Show Convicts-at-large Barney and Floyd run out of gas while coming home from a fishing trip. While looking for a telephone they are captured by three female escaped...
The Andy Griffith Show The Bed Jacket Aunt Bea longs for a special present: a blue bed jacket.
The Brady Bunch The Drummer Boy Peter, Jan and Cindy rush home from school with the news that they've joined the glee club. Bobby feels left out, but Mike and Carol let him test...
The Brady Bunch Coming-out Party Mike's boss, Mr. Phillips, invites the Brady family on a fishing trip. However, when Cindy comes down with tonsillitis, the trip is postponed, to...
The Brady Bunch Our Son, The Man Greg, tired of the antics of his younger siblings, thinks he should have his own room. Mike allows Greg to turn his den into his own room. This...
The Brady Bunch The Liberation Of Marcia Brady Women's Liberation hits the Brady household, and the boys scoff at Marcia's idea that girls can do the same things that boys do. To prove her...
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Maggie Smith In The Hollow Hero, Tim is given the honor of christening a ship, only the Queen can't pronounce the name correctly. Then, in Jowls, Carol and the...
Perry Mason The Case Of The Silent Partner "Harry Marlow owns a florist business and wants to own a part of Mildred Kimber's orchid business but Mildred Kimber is not interested. So Harry...
Top of the World, Ma! Top Of The World, Ma! A football player from Ohio who needs an operation goes to find the New York mobster who owes him money.
Night Gallery Death In The Family E.G. Marshall plays a gentle undertaker with compassion for his charges.
Night Gallery Class Of '99 / Satisfaction Guaranteed A graduating class of the future takes a chilling final exam. An employment service has a difficult time fulfilling a customer's request for staff.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Night Caller A mystifying young man and intimidating phone calls put Marcia Fowler on the edge of madness.
Thriller Dark Legacy The patriarch of a family of magicians dies and leaves his nephew his book of secrets—and it is indeed a dark legacy involving satanic...
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