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That Girl Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (part 1) "Before ann gets a part in a play that begins touring in philadelphia, don tries to spend as much time with her as he can."
Make Room For Daddy Danny, The Handyman In an effort to help Rusty out with a Boy Scout project, Danny promises that he will build a dog house which will be the envy of all dogs around.
Petticoat Junction What's A Trajectory? "The Shady Rest Hotel is visited by a mysterious and affluent guest, whom Uncle Joe deduces is a bank robber."
The Beverly Hillbillies Corn Pone Picassos After Mrs. Drysdale buys a statue named "Ecstasy," which is nothing but a huge pile of metal scraps, the Clampetts decide to get involved in art to help their neighbor in the contest she...
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I Love Lucy Don Juan And The Starlets Lucy is forced to lend Ricky to five dazzling starlets for a proposed evening of publicity pictures. She tries to wait up for him but falls asleep on the sofa and doesn't awake until late...
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Paid Programming
Daniel Boone The Patriot When the patriotism of a former Royalist is challenged, Daniel Boone helps him prove his right to be an American.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Fickle Filly When Jennifer is alone after her father's heart attack, her only friend is her filly Tiger Lily. She's penniless until a present from her late father is dropped in her lap, but it turns...
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Dragnet B.o.d.: Dr 27 The detectives go to work on several cases connected with the department's business-office division.
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Dragnet Narcotics: Dr 21 A pot-detecting pooch joins the police to stop marijuana smuggling.
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The Rockford Files The Dark And Bloody Ground Ann Calhoun is charged with murder of her husband Kevin Calhoun, who was smothered and killed in a fire. She is represented by Elizabeth Davenport who hires Jim (for free) to find proof...
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Gunsmoke Saturday Night A vengeful prisoner poses a continual threat to the life of Marshal Matt Dillon.
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Bonanza The Newcomers John Pennington and his crew want to mine the Ponderosa land by hydraulic means. Ben is totally against this method and evicts them in short order. Hoss is given the task of telling...
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The Rifleman Sins Of The Father After shooting a man in self-defense, Andy Moon turns to Lucas for protection from his vengeful brothers.
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The Rifleman The Prodigal To keep his invalid mother happy, an outlaw forces Lucas and Mark to go along with a masquerade that he is the owner of Lucas' ranch.
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Adam-12 Log #123 - Courtroom Reed feels a strong sense of accomplishment when he stumbles upon a large stash of narcotics as he secures a residence after executing a traffic warrant with Malloy and Officer Ed Wells....
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Adam-12 Log #143 - The Cave Malloy and Reed begin their shift responding to a disgruntled tenant who is holding his landlord at knife point. Later, they investigate a rash of property theft from multiple homes in a...
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Emergency! Trainee A former Vietnam medic is now a paramedic trainee and constantly thinks he knows more than the doctors at Rampart. Roy, John and the trainee interrupt a purse-snatching, rescue a man who...
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CHiPs Mait Team Cahill is critically injured in a multi-vehicle pile-up that claims 11 lives. Ponch and Jon are tapped to serve on the Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team determined to pinpoint...
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M*A*S*H Abyssinia Henry Actually, we won't. One of the classic M*A*S*H episodes. Henry finally gets his discharge. While he is tying things up, Burns prepares for his new command. Henry bids a tearful adieu, but...
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M*A*S*H Welcome To Korea (part 1) "Trapper is shipped home while Hawkeye is on R&R. Hawkeye speeds to Kimpo with Radar to catch Trapper's plane, but they just miss him. While they are there, they pick up BJ Hunnicut and...
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The Andy Griffith Show Floyd The Gay Deceiver Madeline Grayson, a rich widow that Floyd has been "pen-palling" with, announces in her next letter that she wants to meet him face-to-face. Of course, the whole time, Floyd has been...
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The Andy Griffith Show Opie's Rival Opie is afraid that Andy's new girlfriend Peggy will take his place in his father's heart, and sets out to sabotage their relationship. In the end, the pain he causes his father is enough...
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Hogan's Heroes At Last - Schultz Knows Something After Schultz is assigned to guard a secret atomic installation, Hogan must get him to spill the beans on where it is located.
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Gilligan's Island Ghost A Go-go? A ghost appears on the island and tries to scare the castaways off, but they turn the tables by dressing in sheets to scare the visitor away.
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The Bob Newhart Show Group On A Hot Tin Roof Bob advises a patient named Mr. Plager to realize his human potential by writing a play based on his own experiences. But when Plager writes, directs and produces an actual World War I...
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The Bob Newhart Show Emily Carlin, Emily Carlin Bob's paranoid, perennial patient, Mr. Carlin, involves Emily in his scheme to impress his former schoolmates—especially a girl who never gave him the time of day.
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Cheers No Help Wanted Sam regrets asking Norm to do his taxes when the out of work accountant comes up with a five figure refund.
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Perry Mason The Case Of The Slandered Submarine Cmdr. James Page is the Project Officer for the testing of some electronics equipment for the Navy submarine, Moray. Cmdr. Jerome Burke is assisting the police in the investigation of the...
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Adam-12 A Fool And His Money Malloy wins $10,000 in a contest to name a new woman's shampoo, resulting in a lot of unwanted advice on how to use the money. On patrol, he and reed deal with a loud music complaint that...
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Adam-12 Anatomy Of A 415 Malloy and Reed return a young runaway to his home while responding to a domestic disturbance call at the same address, discovering a dysfunctional situation that appears to be escalating...
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Night Gallery Gallows In The Wind (aka Double Exposure) "A hangman, a gallows and a grave are visions of a fate that may await people trapped by a hurricane."
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Ironside The Quincunx The team goes to a bar to see a musical trio that features a friend of Eve's, but when the friend fails to appear, Eve becomes concerned and investigates.
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Route 66 Suppose I Said I Was The Queen Of Spain "Tod is carrying his new credit card around Los Angeles, and is being followed around Los Angeles by Diane. She asks him for a date and then steals the credit card."
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Naked City And By The Sweat Of Thy Brow... "After clearing him of a mugging, Detective Flint tries to help a disfigured young man face the world."
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