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That Girl Thanksgiving Comes But Once A Year, Hopefully Ann tries to cook everybody's favorite dishes for thanksgiving and the meal doesn't turn out as ann would like it to.
Make Room For Daddy Four Angels Rusty decides to become an agent after talking to Phil, and finds his first big catch in four talented children. Using tactics he learned from Phil, he negotiates to get them booked on...
Petticoat Junction How Bugged Was My Valley Hooterville is thrown into chaos when Uncle Joe tries to scare up some crop-dusting business for Steve Elliott.
The Beverly Hillbillies Turkey Day Elly May makes a pet out of the Thanksgiving turkey Drysdale gives the family, making it impossible for "Herman" to be killed. And to celebrate in her own way, Mrs. Drysdale organizes a...
The Donna Reed Show Advice To Young Lovers While helping Mary win back her boyfriend, Donna recalls how she got Alex to propose.
I Love Lucy The Fox Hunt Tally ho! In England, Lucy hounds a movie producer (Walter Kingsford) about her riding prowess and ends up on a fox hunt.
Leave It to Beaver One Of The Boys Eddie and Wally finally get a chance to join the most exclusive social club in school, the Barons. However, after hanging out with the Barons on a Friday night, Eddie and Wally realize...
That Girl Thanksgiving Comes But Once A Year, Hopefully Ann tries to cook everybody's favorite dishes for thanksgiving and the meal doesn't turn out as ann would like it to.
Daniel Boone The Thanksgiving Story Boone’s eccentric father-in-law leads the warring Choctaws into a peaceful trap.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Devious Delinquent "Three JD teens cruise Hollywood Boulevard in a cool convertible lookin' for kicks! A liquor store goes down and the blackmail and plot twists begin. Lies and more lies and it's going...
Dragnet The Missing Realtor A woman real estate agent is missing and turns up dead in a vacant home. The detectives' one suspect, the woman's ex-boyfriend, is cleared; then credit card bills for purchases made after...
Dragnet The Big Dog A purse-snatching dog? This is the case Friday and Gannon must solve. Making things more difficult, victims give different descriptions of the four-legged thief.
The Rockford Files Pastoria Prime Pick Jim’s car breaks down on the ‘eight mile grade’ while on his way to Pastoria. Luckily Vern Soper is in his mechanics truck and tows Jim to Pastoria. On arrival, Jim poses as Larry...
Gunsmoke Hill Girl Hillbilly girl Merry Florene comes to town to get some schooling to better herself. Meanwhile, her two cousins also arrive in Dodge and force her to rob Mr. Jonas' store.
Bonanza Badge Without Honor "Adam is rescued from an ambush by Gerald Eskith, a lawman who is on a mission to Virginia City. Eskith is looking for a man who happens to be married to a close friend of the...
The Rifleman Guilty Conscience No one's more surprised than Micah when newcomer Leota Carraway claims he's her long-lost husband and the father of her child.
The Rifleman Day Of Reckoning Lucas is torn by conflicting emotions when he meets the town's new preacher—a former outlaw whom he vowed to kill.
Adam-12 Night Watch Reed thinks he can haggle another $12.50 off a used car, but malloy warns him that he's pushing his luck. On patrol, they test a suspected drunk driver who hit a light pole, investigate a...
Adam-12 Suspended While off duty following shooting re-qualification, Reed fires his weapon at a would-be unarmed mugger whose armed accomplish drives off. When the would-be suspect later dies, the...
Emergency! Computer Error A young couple is rescued from a car wreck; the boy has a spinal cord injury and Dr. Early suspects the girl is pregnant. Roy and John rescue a woman trapped at the bottom of a well and...
CHiPs The Strippers Jon's girlfriend, Diane, finds that her Mercedes 450SL has been stolen.
M*A*S*H War Of Nerves The 4077th, caught up in tension and nerves, creates a bonfire to release their pressure. Meanwhile, Sidney Freedman is depressed over a young soldier who blames him for his injuries,...
M*A*S*H The Winchester Tapes Hawkeye tries unsuccessfully to get to Seoul, to see Nurse Gilmore for the weekend. Meanwhile, Winchester has taped a letter home, asking for his influential parents to help get him back...
The Andy Griffith Show Gomer Pyle, U.s.m.c. Gomer comes to the courthouse one day with an announcement–he has decided to join the Marines, believing it a test to see if he has what it takes to be a man.
The Andy Griffith Show Opie Loves Helen Opie develops a crush on his teacher, Helen Crump, at the school dance. He spends 74 cents to buy her a gift.
Hogan's Heroes The Meister Spy Hogan and his men pose as Nazi officers to get an American traitor to divulge the names of his German superiors.
Gilligan's Island Voodoo Something To Me Skipper belives the island is under the spell of voodoo and that Gilligan has been transformed into a chimp.
Welcome Back, Kotter Sweatside Story Gabe tries to dissuade the Sweathogs from forming a gang to combat the New Utrecht High "punks."
Welcome Back, Kotter The Fight The Sweathogs stop speaking to each other after a series of inconsequential misunderstandings.
Cheers Ill-gotten Gaines Kelly's father is convinced that Woody has blackmail on his mind when Woody sees Mr. Gaines cheating on his wife. Rebecca plans to hold a Thanksgiving dinner at the bar.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Misguided Missile Jerry Reynolds, an old war buddy of Perry's, is accused of killing an officer at Vandenburg Air Force Base during the investigation into mysterious missile crashes.
Adam-12 Log #161 - And You Want Me To Get Married! After an evening at Jim's with his wife, Pete's girlfriend, Donna, is making marriage comments that has Pete running for cover. Mixed in with their calls is a domestic noise complaint...
Adam-12 Log #71 - I Feel Like A Fool, Malloy It is a shift of conflicts forcing Malloy and Reed to use their wits to keep control and make the right decisions end on a low note.
Night Gallery A Tell David... /midnight Visit To The Neighborhood Blood Bank "A chance encounter with a strange couple convinces a young woman that she has had a glimpse of the future."
Ironside Unreasonable Facsimile A string of bank robberies all bear the exact hallmarks of a certain thief recently released from prison. Having a liking for the ex-con, however, the Chief wishes to believe in his...
Route 66 This Is Going To Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You "Tod and Linc meet Harlan Livingston III, a naive millionaire who is surrounded by women who are pretending to be hurt."
Naked City A Succession Of Heartbeats A millionaire playboy is murdered in his luxury apartment-along with a married woman. A "black book" filled with ladies telephone numbers doesn't include all of his conquests, including a...
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