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The Green Hornet Beautiful Dreamer (part 1) Seems that wealthy and prominent members of the community have been executing crimes and then forgetting that they ever happened. Eventually the District Attorney and The Green Hornet...
The Green Hornet Beautiful Dreamer (part 2) Part two picks up with a GREEN HORNET visit and proposition for Peter Eden, owner of the Vale of Eden. After Peter uses Vanessa Vane to double-cross the Hornet, the Hornet re-visits Peter...
H.R. Pufnstuf The Mechanical Boy When Jimmy tries to steal Witchiepoo's boat, she catches him and turns him into a robot programmed to steal Freddie.
Land of the Lost The Possession Cha-Ka and Holly become hypnotized by a baton-like object from a mysterious pylon.
The Donna Reed Show Do You Trust Your Child? Donna becomes known as an expert in dealing with children, but the advice changes when the children are her own.
The Donna Reed Show Grateful Patient When a neighbor promises Alex a big return on an investment, the family starts thinking of ways to spend the money they will get.
Mystery Hunters (E/I) Underwater Ufos "Araya treks to puerto rico to investigate reports of strange glowing lights in the water. Christina takes a virtual reality drive through the deepest part of the ocean looking for an...
Mystery Hunters (E/I) King’s Close And Winchester House "Araya investigates king’s close, an underground street in scotland which is said to be haunted by hundreds of ghosts. Christina heads to the winchester house in california. The home...
Gilligan's Island The Pigeon The Professor sees the arrival of a homing pigeon on the island as an opportunity to be rescued.
Gilligan's Island Bang! Bang! Bang! A crate that washes ashore contains a top secret plastic explosive developed by the U.S. Government.
Saved by the Bell (E/I) The Friendship Business "The gang starts a business selling friendship bracelets, but Zach's tough work schedule tests the limits of their own friendship."
Saved by the Bell (E/I) Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind "Looking for a way to make a quick buck, Slater and Zack have Screech dress up as an alien from outer space to trick a tabloid."
Saved by the Bell (E/I) Slater's Friend Slater unwittingly dooms his chameleon when he leaves it with Screech.
Saved by the Bell (E/I) Save That Tiger Zack and Slater are involved in the annual prank war against Valley High, which happens to be at the same time as the big cheerleading competition. Screech is the mascot, and begins to...
The Brady Bunch The Un-underground Movie Greg's history project is a home movie about the pilgrims with the rest of the Brady clan as the cast. However, everyone's got their own idea about how the movie should go, and Greg soon...
The Brady Bunch Kitty-karry-all Is Missing "When Cindy's doll, Kitty Karry-All turns up missing, she accuses Bobby. This leads to a mock trial with Alice as the judge to determine Bobby's guilt or innocence. Then later Bobby's...
The Brady Bunch A-camping We Will Go Mike and Carol prepare for a family camping trip. However, the boys are not thrilled that the girls will be coming along, and the girls aren't exactly thrilled about sleeping in the...
The Brady Bunch Sorry, Right Number "With nine people in the house, Mike gets frustrated when he can never get any time on the phone for himself. He decides to install a second phone line, but that only makes the problem...
The Love Boat Home Sweet Home Gopher quits his job to manage a new hotel; a wealthy eccentric widow books a five-year passage and begins meddling in the crew members' lives; a magician tries to avoid his assistant by...
Remington Steele Steele Searching (part 2) "While laura searches for remington's idenity, he is unwillingly whisked off by an old flame, felicia, and con-man daniel chalmers, to pull off a jewel theft at the earl of claridge's...
The Streets of San Francisco I Ain't Marchin' Anymore Keller infiltrates a group of Vietnam War protesters, hoping to find who murdered an AWOL marine.
The Rockford Files The Real Easy Red Dog Jim is hired by Jennifer Sandstrom to investigate her sister’s death. Taking some clues she provides, Jim contacts Dennis to learn that the death as classed as suicide. Jim goes to Alice...
Hawaii Five-O King Of The Hill Danno is taken hostage by a delusional Vietnam veteran who believes everyone is out to get him.
Black Sheep Squadron The War Biz Warrior When he is sent on a combat mission to improve morale, a movie hero discovers war is different than the way it is portrayed on film.
Columbo Murder By The Book
M*A*S*H The Best Of Enemies On his way to some R&R in Tokyo, a North Korean soldier forces Hawkeye to perform an emergency roadside operation on his buddy.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Dove Affair When THRUSH assassinates the leader of an East European country, Napoleon Solo must stop the group from taking power.
Mission: Impossible Pilot IMF team leader Dan Briggs assembles his team for the first time. The mission: to recover two nuclear warheads belonging to General Rio Dominguez from a hotel vault in Santa Costa.
Get Smart The Mummy KAOS is smuggling agents into the country in mummy cases.
Get Smart The Girls From Kaos Max is assigned to protect Miss America, but KAOS has other plans.
The Saint Invitation To Danger Having gone to the aid of mystery blonde Reb Denning, Simon finds a dying man who tells him, "stop them...Friday night." He is next captured by crooked casino owner Brett Sunley, who...
Naked City Golden Lads And Girls A judge orders two husbands into therapy after they're arrested for hitting their wives.
Route 66 Like This It Means Father, Like This Bitter, Like This Tiger "Linc beats up a man (Cam) in a Georgia bar. The man was in Linc's unit in Vietnam and his cowardice in battle caused the death of a Vietnamese girl."
Peter Gunn The Wolfe Case Nancy Fowler is murdered and Pete is hired to find out why. He finds that it's a setup perpetrated by a bitter wife.
Mr. Lucky Stacked Deck A runaway heiress stows away on board the Fortuna, but a peculiar man is pursuing her.
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