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Get Smart The Return Of The Ancient Mariner Max must protect Adm. Hargrade.
Get Smart The Laser Blazer Smart wears a new blazer given to him by a Chinese merchant, Lin Chan. Smart, however, isn't aware he posses a weapon in the blazer, and is...
The Saint The Rough Diamonds Simon agrees to accompany Alan Uttershaw to the airport with a package of diamonds to be handed over to a security firm. However, the real security...
Naked City The Rydecker Case At the trial of a pretty socialite for reckless driving under the influence of a controlled substance, her flamboyant attorney puts Detective Flint...
Route 66 Two On The House Working as crewmen on a tour boat in Cleveland, Ohio, Tod and Buz encounter the motherless son of a wealthy workaholic, who seemingly is in danger...
Peter Gunn Sepi A young boy tells Gunn that he saw his father beaten up during the night. But when Gunn calls the police, Sepi disappears.
Mr. Lucky Election Bet After losing a large bet on the outcome of a Latin American election, a man decides to kill Lucky rather than pay off.
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