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Wanted: Dead or Alive Twelve Hours To Crazy Horse Josh delivers Dan Murdock, wanted for multiple murders in Mesa City. He learns that the local sheriff is the brother of Crazy Horse's deputy, one of the victims, and it's unlikely that...
My Three Sons The New Room The contractor that Steve hires to add a baby alcove to Robbie and Katie's room leaves much to be desired. He displays all the charm of a top sergeant and is putty in Katie's hands, but...
Petticoat Junction The Lady Doctor Doc Stuart's new associate turns out to be an attractive woman, which seems to displease everyone in Hooterville.
The Beverly Hillbillies A Man For Elly Granny is glued to the television set the Clampetts received for Christmas, especially because of one TV Western star, Quirt Manly. She really wants to meet him, and Drysdale arranges for...
The Donna Reed Show A Difference Of Opinion Donna and Alex try to hide their disputes from the children when they learn the kids are embarrassed by the way their friends' parents fight.
I Love Lucy Lucy And Superman When Stevie Appleby, Caroline's son, has a birthday party the same day as Little Ricky's, Lucy looks for unusual entertainment to lure the children. Ricky remembers that Superman is in...
Leave It To Beaver Beaver's Poem Beaver comes to Ward for help on the night before a poetry assignment is due. This prompts Ward to totally take over the project and write the whole poem himself. Things get complicated...
Leave It To Beaver Eddie's Girl A school dance has Eddie swooning over his so-called "girl," Caroline. However, it's obvious Eddie has made up their relationship when Wally and him visit her and she instantly becomes...
Daniel Boone An Angel Cried Josh and a nun, the only survivor of a massacre, fight to stay alive in indian country.
Perry Mason The Prodigal Parent When Philip Larkin, the owner of an import-export company, is murdered, his step-father, Joseph Harrison, is charged with murder.
Ironside An Obvious Case Of Guilt Numerous bits of evidence indicate Ironside's former girlfriend shot and killed her husband, but the Chief, as he is wont to do, seeks and discovers all of the facts before an arrest is...
Hawaii Five-O Nightmare Road A research scientist, Dr. Royce, is set up by revolutionaries to be transported away from the islands in a submarine. McGarrett must stop this from happening and also has to contend with...
Gunsmoke Charlie Noon Matt, his hardened prisoner Charlie Noon, an indian woman and her white stepson are tracked by the Comanches as they try to cross the desert. The indians are going to kill all of them...
Bonanza The War Comes To Washoe Joe and Adam's differences in politics lead to unrest in the house. When Joe is picked to go to a convention on the statehood of Nevada, will his relationship with a admitted...
The Big Valley Plunder Heath is sent to a town endangered by a possible dam break. The town has been abandoned except for a few men who are there to guard against looters. Temptation gets the better of them,...
Dragnet Homicide - The Student The police go after a college student who has turned to murder.
Adam-12 Mary Hong Loves Tommy Ch An undercover cop is left in a coma after being shot while investigating a potential attack by a youth gang on an elders' association in chinatown, but his girlfriend refuses to disclose...
Emergency! Problem "Roy and John rescue a man whose engine has fallen on him during his car repair work. When their two-way radio is broken, Roy treats the man without proper medical supervision, causing...
The Rifleman Stranger At Night Mark's finding the body of a murder victim starts Lucas, his friend, Artemus, and Marshal Torrance on a search for the killer.
The Rifleman Boomerang When a rancher dies after the bank forecloses the mortgage on his property, his son blames the banker for his father's death.
M*A*S*H Springtime When spring arrives, Klinger gets word from home that his sweetheart back in Toledo wants to marry him. Henry arranges for Father Mulcahy to do this over short wave radio. Radar falls in...
M*A*S*H Check-up Trapper gets an ulcer and a ticket home. Unfortunately, his going-away party is spoiled by a new Army regulation, which forces him to stay.
Gilligan's Island Agonized Labor Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast telling of the collapse of the Howell financial empire.
Gilligan's Island Nyet, Nyet - Not Yet Two Russian cosmonauts land on the island in a space capsule.
Hogan's Heroes Eight O'clock And All Is Well Hogan finds that a new prisoner is a German spy right after he tells the man all about their secret operations.
Welcome Back, Kotter Classroom Marriage Washington and Vernajean decide to get married, so Gabe makes up a class about marriage and divorce, hoping to convince them to wait.
The Bob Newhart Show Emily In For Carol With Carol on vacation, Emily is elected to fill in as the receptionist. Everyone loves the idea—except Bob.
The Bob Newhart Show Have You Met Miss Dietz Marilyn Dietz, a very attractive divorcee, creates a feud between Jerry and Howard when she starts dating both of them.
The Twilight Zone The Prime Mover Ace Larsen discovers his business partner has the ability to control objects with his mind. The pair head to Vegas to win big.
Perry Mason The Murderous Mermaid "Former swimming champion Victoria Dawn is now overweight, out of shape, and the owner of a chain of failing health spas. Desperate to regain some of her former glory she hires young...
The Untouchables Stranglehold Racketeers are poking their greasy fists into every corner of the nation's business. The Fulton fish market in New York, run by Frank Mercouris, supplies fish on the East Coast to as far...
Night Gallery The Hand Of Borgus Weems A desperate man seeks out the help of a surgeon when he discovers an invading presence has control of his right hand.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Gentleman Caller "A robber stashes his booty in an mature woman's high-rise."
Thriller Child's Play While on a family vacation in the mountains, a neglected boy's overactive imagination leads him to take his father's rifle in search of the fantasy highwayman, Black Bart, which leads him...
Wagon Train The Sister Rita Story Leaving the safety of their village, a group of nuns sets out to help indians at a mission. Now Flint must help them fight off some Ute indians who don't take kindly to the nuns'...
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