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The Rogues The Diamond-studded Pie Tony poses as a "great white hunter." The plan is to take an American businessman on the hunt of his life. Only wild animals aren't the intended game: it's some well-placed diamonds.
The Rogues Bow To A Master "The Cat" steals a pearl necklace that Tony has just stolen, so he sets out to skin "The Cat." The plot is to help him steal a large diamond, by switching in a fake when it's delivered.
Dragnet Frauds: Dr 36 Friday and Gannon track down a department store employee who stole $100,000 worth of merchandise in six months.
Dragnet Intelligence: Dr 34 The detectives search out the suppliers of stolen arms for paramilitary groups.
Green Screen Adventures (E/I)
Green Screen Adventures (E/I) A Cow And A Cat Met/king’s Friend/word Ball Animals/mean Kids School "First, a young cow with a big imagination learns why you shouldn’t wander away from your parents. Next, a king finds out why it is important to treat others with respect. Then,...
Travel Thru History (E/I) Nashville "This country music Mecca has a plethora of American history to explore. We’ll stand on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, visit the home of the 7th US President Andrew Jackson, and...
Travel Thru History (E/I) Wilmington "America’s military history is on display on the decks of the USS North Carolina. Then visit the historic Confederate Fort Fisher civil war museum and learn about the Carolina’s role...
Mystery Hunters (E/I) Ufo Crash, Ilkley Moor Alien Photo "Araya investigates a ufo crash in nova scotia – did the police try to cover it up? Christina tracks down a photo of what could be a real alien – did it really appear on a moor in...
Mystery Hunters (E/I) Ghost Ship, Underground Vaults "Araya sails the waters of new brunswick where a flaming ghost ship has been spotted. Christina goes to a hidden city underneath the streets of scotland in search of ghosts. Doubting...
Fishing W Ladin-Local
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The Big Valley Hide The Children When he accuses some gypsy workers of stealing his brandy and injures one of them in a fight, Nick is volunteered by his brothers to escort the other gypsies and their dowry wagon to a...
Gunsmoke Fandango Matt Dillon tries to bring a man to justice despite the onslaught of a crazed, vengeful lawman wishing to exact his own revenge.
Bonanza The Philip Diedesheimer Story "Adam and Hoss meet Philip Diedesheimer, a Dutch immigrant who is trying to convince the silver mine owners in Virginia City that his square set mine system works. The owner of one mine...
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Rawhide Incident On The Road To Yesterday Ralph Bartlet asks Favor to return $250 to a stage line he held up and check on his first love.
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Wanted Dead or Alive Ransom For A Nun Randall is deputized to transport a ruthless killer to Tucson, but exchanges him for the nun kidnapped by the killer's gang. The nettlesome nun then becomes a thorn in his side as he sets...
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Wanted Dead or Alive Miracle At Pot Hole Randall brings a suspected murderer to Pot Hole, but fears the man won't receive a fair trial when he finds the townspeople in the grip of a power-mad bully who serves as the hanging...
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The Rifleman The Pitchman When Mark finds gold on their property, a fast-talking salesman who tried to sell Lucas a new lightning rod offers instead to buy the ranch's mineral rights.
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The Rifleman Strange Man "Lucas tracks an escaped prisoner to a town that turns out to be run by the gunman's brother, notorious for shooting people in the back."
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Adventures of Superman Treasure Of The Incas Looking for Incan treasure, Lois and Jimmy are seized by desperate gunmen.
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Adventures of Superman Double Trouble The Von Klaven twins steal a million-dollar radium core from the U.S. Medical Corps. When one brother is murdered, Superman cracks the case and brings the other to justice.
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Batman Londinium Larcenies, The (1) After stealing the Queen's collection of snuffboxes from a Londinium museum, Lord Marmaduke Ffogg and his sister, Lady Penelope Peasoup, escape in a thick fog. Ireland Yard calls in...
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Batman Foggiest Notion, The (2) Batman quickly dispenses with the fog bomb with a general emergency Batextinguisher, and then returns with Robin to venerable Ireland Yard to warn Commissioner Gordon and Superintendent...
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Wonder Woman Gault's Brain The living brain of a dead billionaire seeks to have itself transplanted into the perfect physical specimen.
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Star Trek Mudd's Women The Enterprise picks up a intergalactic conman, Harry Mudd, and three incredibly beautiful women who harbor a dark secret.
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Svengoolie Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein "The Wolfman tries to help foil Dracula's attempts to transfer Lou's brain into the ailing Frankenstein monster."
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Lost in Space Fugitives In Space When Dr. Smith comes across an alien prison escapee, the alien makes Dr. Smith change jackets with him and then runs off. Soon, Dr. Smith and Don are arrested for aiding the escaped...
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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Dead Men's Doubloons The flying sub is attacked by a ghostly, underwater pirate ship—which fires a live bombardment.
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Night Gallery Make Me Laugh A desperate comic makes a deal with an inept miracle worker in a ploy to boost his sagging career.
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Night Gallery The House In a recurring dream, a former sanitarium patient sees a house she has known all her life—but never dared enter.
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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Trap "An adulterous spouse plots to slay her rich husband and wed one of his employees."
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Thriller La Strega A young woman accused of being a witch goes to her young lover for protection against both her accusers and her grandmother, who really is a witch.
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