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Get Smart What's It All About, Algie? A CONTROL agent working undercover at Algie's Nursery disappears.
Get Smart Hello, Columbus - Goodbye, America "CONTROL must persuade a decendent of Columbus not to sell America to KAOS."
The Saint The People Importers While fishing off the south coast of England, Simon comes across an unsuccessful boat-builder who is nonetheless in the money because he is in the business of smuggling illegal immigrants...
Naked City The Fingers of Henri Tourelle A nasty garment tycoon is found shot to death and the police have to determine whether it was suicide or murder.
Route 66 Welcome to Amity "Joan Maslow wants to bury her mother in the cemetery outside of Amity. The entire community is determined to stop her."
Peter Gunn Sing a Song of Murder Arnie Kelton, musician and ex-convict, asks Gunn to investigate his wife's death.
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Mr. Lucky My Little Gray Home An ex-convict who can't handle the outside world seeks Mr. Lucky's help in returning to prison.
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