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Shepherd's Chapel
Enjoying Everyday Life w/Joyce Meyer
Life Today w/James Robison
The Donna Reed Show The Chinese Horse A strange woman convinces Donna to buy a Chinese horse statue for her at an auction. The woman then disappears and can't be found.
I Love Lucy Ricky's Movie Offer A Hollywood talent scout is coming over to the apartment to audition Ricky for a movie role, but Ricky won't be the only one looking to attract the scout's attention. (Who's that gal in...
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Library Book Ward allows Beaver to check out a book on his library card but when Beaver loses the book he becomes convinced that Ward will be put in jail, thanks to Eddie Haskell's wiseguy comments.
Leave It to Beaver Wally's Election Eddie nominates Wally for class president but Wally has no interest in the position; that is until Ward gives him some encouragement. Wally quickly gets wrapped up in the election and his...
Daniel Boone Hero's Welcome Boone helps a friend prove he’s not the coward his friends and family think he is.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Ancient Romeo Perry and Della go out for a night at the theatre to see Perry's actor friend, Steve Brock, perform as Paris in "Romeo and Juliet." The lights mysteriously go out during the dueling scene...
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Dragnet The Pyramid Swindle A female con-artist uses an evangelistic approach to lure buyers into her pyramid scheme. The Bunco division can't charge her with false advertising, so they prosecute her for operating a...
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Dragnet Phony Police Racket Friday and Gannon investigate a scam involving a phony LAPD newsletter, which comes with a card for subscribers entitling the bearer to preferential treatment from the police.
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The Rockford Files A Different Drummer Hospitalized by an accident, Jim is convinced he sees a doctor perform an organ extraxion on a live patient.
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Gunsmoke Snap Decision Disturbed over being forced to kill a prisoner who was trying to save his life, Matt Dillion turns in his badge.
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Bonanza The Deserter "Sgt. Samuel Bellis, accused of desertion, murder, and selling guns to the Indians. Bellis insists that he's innocent, and Candy believes him-but before he can clear Bellis' name, he must...
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The Rifleman Bloodlines After Lucas kills a mountain man in a barroom brawl, his father arrives in North Fork determined to take revenge on Lucas and Marshal Torrance.
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The Rifleman The Blowout Newly arrived gunslinger Al Walker throws a mammoth party at the saloon, keeping acting Marshal Ben Waller busy until Lucas is forced to intervene.
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Adam-12 Log #161 - And You Want Me To Get Married! After an evening at Jim's with his wife, Pete's girlfriend, Donna, is making marriage comments that has Pete running for cover. Mixed in with their calls is a domestic noise complaint...
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Adam-12 Log #71 - I Feel Like A Fool, Malloy It is a shift of conflicts forcing Malloy and Reed to use their wits to keep control and make the right decisions end on a low note.
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Emergency! Publicity Hound John is envious of the publicity given to another paramedic. After Roy and John rescue a man trapped in ship's rigging, John gets seasick. Dr. Brackett clashes with a tycoon over a...
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CHiPs The Volunteers Jon and Ponch escort a truck loaded with volatile chemicals over remote mountain roads because the citizens of the town along the direct route will not allow the dangerous convoy to pass...
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M*A*S*H A Smattering Of Intelligence A classic episode in which Colonel Flagg and another secret agent from another intelligence agency come to the 4077th to keep their eyes on the camp. Hawkeye and Trapper trick them both...
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M*A*S*H The General Flipped At Dawn The MASH 4077th is visted by General Steele. He wishes to move the camp five miles down the road. Hawkeye and Henry are charged with mutiny. And Hawkeye also is charged with impersonating...
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The Andy Griffith Show The Manicurist A beautiful manicurist from the city comes to Floyd's to set up shop. She makes all the wives in town extremely nervous as she manicures their husbands.
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The Andy Griffith Show The Jinx After a series of mishaps, Henry Bennett gets a reputation in town as a jinx. The more Andy tries to dispel the rumor the deeper the hole gets, until Henry decides it would be best if he...
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Hogan's Heroes The Well Hogan steals a Luftwaffe codebook, but must organize a special mission when Newkirk drops it down a well.
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Gilligan's Island Nyet, Nyet -- Not Yet Two Russian cosmonauts land on the island in a space capsule.
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Welcome Back, Kotter Barbarino's Girl Mr. Kotter talks brainy Judy into tutoring Barbarino. The two eventually become friends, but Barbarino doesn't want the other Sweathogs to know about it.
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Welcome Back, Kotter California Dreamin' A new student arrives at Buchanan and all the Sweathogs are vying for her attention; however, she only has eyes for Gabe.
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Cheers Little Sister Don't Cha "Carla goes on a maternity leave and is replaced by her supposedly shy and innocent sister."
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Perry Mason The Case Of The Violent Village Perry goes on a fishing trip in a small Sierra Nevada town with his old friend, Sheriff Gene Norris, but as usual manages to get sidetracked into another murder case when Phil Beecher...
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Adam-12 Back-up One L-20 While transporting a burglar to the station with Malloy's assistance, Sgt. MacDonald strikes and kills a jaywalker with his cruiser, but unfortunately all of the witnesses on the sidewalk...
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Adam-12 Who Won Malloy and reed try to curb a chronic street racing problem by befriending the club leaders and working with a racing promoter to open a legitimate drag strip. Their efforts, along with a...
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Night Gallery If I Should Die Before I Wake "Jane Wyman in "If I Should Die Before I Wake," the story of a woman being contacted by her long-dead child."
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Ironside The Happy Dreams Of Hollow Men "The chief travels into the mountains to spend the weekend with an old friend, only to be snowed in following a bad blizzard."
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Route 66 Man Out Of Time "In Chicago, Tod and Buz encounter Harry Wender, a frightened 1930's gangster who has outlived his time."
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Naked City A Run For The Money A middle aged hired killer,who committed his first murder for pay at age 14,is hunted both by organized crime which has put out a contract on his life and the police.Needing a bankroll...
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