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Petticoat Junction The Camping Trip Bobbie Jo invites her new boyfriend, Orrin, along on a family camping trip, much to the chagrin of Uncle Joe.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jethro's Friend A friend of Jethro’s from school, Armstrong Dueser McHugh III, comes to the mansion to visit. Armstrong is treated very delicately at his house,...
The Donna Reed Show Aloha Kimi Alex goes to Hawaii to help a girl who was injured in a surfing accident. Miyoshi Umeki guest stars as Nurse Mac.
I Love Lucy Lucy's Showbiz Swan Song Despite her pregnancy, Lucy wants to appear in Ricky's Gay Nineties revue at the Tropicana. After a disastrous audition, Lucy disguises herself and...
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Daniel Boone Williamsburg Cannon, The (part 2) "Boone successfully transports the cannon around a trap set by the British."
Perry Mason The Case Of The Vagabond Vixen Hollywood producer John Addison picks up an attractive young woman hitchhiker. Far from being innocent she turns out to be a blackmailer and a...
Quincy, M.E. Honor Thy Elders After Quincy traces an old man's death to his son's physical abuse, he is faced with a similar case involving the exploitation of two elderly women...
The Rockford Files The Dark And Bloody Ground Ann Calhoun is charged with murder of her husband Kevin Calhoun, who was smothered and killed in a fire. She is represented by Elizabeth Davenport...
Gunsmoke Alias Festus Haggen Festus is mistaken for a killer.
Bonanza The Toy Soldier "Adam helps an alcoholic artist married to a lovely Piute woman to find a new way to help the Piute Indians oppressed by a powerful local rancher."
The Rifleman Shivaree Aaron Pelser's wagon train comes across a pair of young boys on a buck board heading west, so he invites them to join the train. When he finds out...
The Rifleman The Deadeye Kid McCain befriends Donnel O'Mahoney, a tough kid from Brooklyn, and arranges with two men for the young man to continue his travels on their wagon....
Star Trek Arena Capt. Kirk is pitted against the reptilian captain of an alien ship by a superior alien race.
Emergency! Decision (aka Problem) "Roy and John rescue a man whose engine has fallen on him during his car repair work. When their two-way radio is broken, Roy treats the man...
CHiPs Vintage '54 Ponch and Jon help reunite a baby with the family who left it behind following the confusion of packing for a vacation.
M*A*S*H Crisis The supply lines to the camp are cut. Radar, the housing officer, starts doubling people up to save fuel and Klinger is thrown out of the nurse's...
M*A*S*H George Burns tries to slap a dishonorable discharge on a decorated soldier who admits to being a homosexual.
The Andy Griffith Show The Big House When the state police leave two captured bank robbers in the custody of the Mayberry police department overnight, Barney is determined to show the...
The Andy Griffith Show Opie The Birdman Opie accidentally kills a mother bird with his new slingshot and takes it upon himself to raise the orphaned baby birds. After adopting them, Opie...
Hogan's Heroes Two Nazis For The Price Of One A Gestapo agent knows about Hogan's operation and tries to leverage this knowledge to find out information about the Manhattan Project.
The Twilight Zone The Howling Man A man on a walking trip of post-World War I Europe gets caught in a storm. He comes across a remote monastery with a mysterious prisoner.
Cheers Pudd'nhead Boyd Woody meets an elderly woman while wearing his makeup for the role of Mark Twain, and begins dating her.
Cheers A Kiss Is Still A Kiss Rebecca asks an eager Sam to escort her to a company function to correct a false impression held by her boss.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Steve Lawrence And Tim Conway In TV Commercials, Carol and the gang parody classic kitchen products. Then, in The Oldest Man, a fast-changing actor hires the Oldest Man....
Perry Mason The Case Of The Drifting Dropout Mason defends a mixed-up man accused of killing his former boss. The young man's uncle had been a business partner of the deceased and was quite a...
Let's Hear it for a Living Legend Let's Hear It For A Living Legend When a professional football player vanishes from the field of play before a large crowd and millions of TV viewers, leaving only his helmet...
Night Gallery Five Widows Weeping Barry Sullivan plays a millionaire who scoffs at his daughter-in-law's visions depicting her husband's death.
Night Gallery Double Exposure A woman has visions of death while she and others are trapped by a hurricane.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Crimson Witness Ernest Mullett is a playboy who loses his job, wife and girlfriend to his hated, overachieving brother, Farnum Mullett. Ernest's hatred turns to...
Thriller Late Date When a man murders his adulterous wife, his brother attempts to conceal the crime by disposing of the body—but it won't be easy.
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