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That Girl "that Girl" Pilot "In this test pilot, ann's parents are played by different actors, ted bessell plays don blue sky, her agent who is also her boyfriend. Don thinks that ann should change her name from ann...
Make Room For Daddy Tony Bennett Gets Danny's Help Uncle Tonoose travels from Toledo with Danny's cousin Stephen in tow, Danny to scratch Stephen's itch for a show business career. Tony Bennett and Hans Conried guest star.
Petticoat Junction Mother Of The Bride Kate is shocked to hear a rumor that Billie Jo has become engaged to Dan Plout, the son of her arch enemy, Selma Plout.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jed In Politics Granny is feuding with the Beverly Hills Smog Commission because they tell her she has to stop making her lye soap. Commissioner Tinsley visits the mansion, ordering Granny to quit her...
The Donna Reed Show Skin Deep Mary learns a lesson in beauty when she turns down a date with a boy who has big ears.
I Love Lucy Ricky Minds The Baby Ricky agrees to watch his son, but while Daddy is engrossed in a football game, Little Ricky wanders off. Lucy finds him in the hallway, and calls Ricky to ask where the baby is....
Leave It to Beaver Her Idol Beaver becomes good friends with a classmate, Linda Dennison. However, their relationship is blown out of proportion by Beaver's classmates who begin to tease him and goad him into...
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Ring Being Beaver's godmother, Aunt Martha sends him a gift of a ring that had once belonged to an uncle who was also named Theodore. June cautions Beaver that she doesn't want him taking it...
Daniel Boone Delo Jones Boone helps a new friend prove he’s not guilty of murder.
Perry Mason The Crying Comedian Comic Charlie Hatch learns that the woman he loved and lost, Anne Gilrain, has escaped from a sanitarium to which she was forced to commit herself by her husband, Tom. When Tom Gilrain is...
Dragnet Personnel - The Shooting The problems of policemen's wives.
Dragnet Homicide - The Student The police go after a college student who has turned to murder.
The Rockford Files The Competitive Edge Jim is hired to find an accused embezzler who disappeared after posting bail and finds himself institutionalsied by some health buffs who are trying to cover up their drug use..
Gunsmoke Cowtown Hustler A broke young man seeks his fortune with an old drifter, a formerly legendary champion billiards player.
Bonanza Judgement At Olympus Candy stands accused of murder in the town of Olympus. The victim's father is determined to give Candy a fair trial, but then Joe is locked up on suspicion of murder as well. It's up to...
The Rifleman The Sidewinder Gridley Mau is gunning for Lucas, who killed his father during an attempted robbery.
The Rifleman The Sixteenth Cousin A Japanese nobleman seeks revenge when his servant is insulted.
Adam-12 Van Nuys Division Malloy returns from vacation sporting a mustache, but finds it difficult getting his colleagues to accept his new look. On patrol, he and Reed respond to a small plane crash by a drunkard...
Adam-12 Training Division While assisting in a tactics training course, Malloy and Reed meet Officer Wells' new partner, an overconfident probationary officer who seems destined to put himself and his colleagues...
Emergency! The Exam John and Roy worry about their recertification exams. A fireman's widow keeps calling the station for assistance in minor matters. A TV sports fan experiences shortness of breath. The...
CHiPs Pilot Ponch and Jon stop a car-theft ring, but Ponch's antics may keep him on probation.
M*A*S*H Pilot Episode "At the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (M.A.S.H) unit in Korea, two army doctors by the names of Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John McIntyre receive some exciting news in the mail....
M*A*S*H To Market To Market After black marketers hijack the 4077th's supply of hydrocortisone, Hawkeye and Trapper concoct a deal with local black marketer, Charlie Lee, to get some more. The catch: Henry's antique...
The Andy Griffith Show The New Housekeeper Rose, the former housekeeper, gets married and Opie is unhappy at her departure. Aunt Bee comes to live with Andy and Opie, and Opie is not exactly thrilled with her.
The Andy Griffith Show The Manhunt The state police arrogantly ask Andy and Barney to step aside while they search for an escaped convict in Mayberry, believing that the Mayberry sheriff's department is not capable of...
Hogan's Heroes To The Gestapo With Love The Gestapo gets three beautiful girls to pry secrets out of the guys.
Gilligan's Island Water, Water Everywhere The castaways discover that their supply of fresh drinking water is running out.
The Bob Newhart Show Bob's Change Of Life Bob's well-ordered life turns topsy-turvy when he and Emily move to a new Chicago residence.
The Bob Newhart Show Ex-con Job Bob's attempt at treating convicts who are about to be released has him climbing the walls.
Cheers Give Me A Ring Sometime (pilot) Stuffy & sophisticated Diane Chambers is dumped by her fiance in a blue collar Boston bar where she meets baseball star-turned-bar owner Sam Malone.
Perry Mason The Jaded Joker Danny Ross is a television comedian who has been promised a television show and desperately needs to make a comeback. Charles Goff, advertising executive who promised Danny a new show,...
Adam-12 Log #174-loan Sharks While investigating the severe beating of a factory worker, Reed and Malloy uncover an extensive loansharking operation.
Adam-12 Log #35-easy,bare Rider Malloy and Reed investigate the mysterious source behind a boy's suspicious spending spree, wield a blanket instead of gun during a disrobed driver's DUI arrest and bust up a car parts...
Night Gallery The Doll Of Death A spurned plantation owner in the British West Indies enlists the power of voodoo to avenge himself against a romantic rival.
Ironside Bullet For Mark Ironside's personal assistant Mark is shot by a sniper, with everyone assuming that the Chief was the intended target. Ironside suspects otherwise and follows the trail to a narcotics ring.
Route 66 A Bridge Across Five Days "Tod and Buz are working at a shipyard. They meet Lillian Aldrich, another employee. Lillian has been released from a mental hospital."
Naked City Make Believe Man Latin American revolutionary Carlos Roldan kidnaps Bowery bum Fred Manfred who's a dead ringer for a national hero of his country. Roldan plans to use Manfred to finance another coup...
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