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12 O'Clock High The Loneliest Place In The World What is thought to be a straggler B-17 is granted permission to join the 918th group. Once in formation, the flying fortress, manned by Nazis, fires on the U.S. planes surrounding it.
Combat! Hear No Evil Sgt. Saunders, alone and deafened by a grenade, tries to make his way back to American lines.
H.R. Pufnstuf Show Biz Witch When shyster Ludicrous Lion convinces Jimmy that he has a super-duper pogo stick for sale that could bounce him home, Pufnstuf and Jimmy conduct a talent show to raise the money to buy it.
Land of the Lost The Flying Dutchman A mysterious Captain tries to take Holly away on his flying ship.
Green Screen Adventures (E/I)
Green Screen Adventures (E/I) Carrot Unicorn/southwest Postcards/lost Puppy "Both legend and vegetable! Watch one student’s fantastical Carrot Unicorn come to life. Next, Peter Pig’s traveling to the Southwest and needs to know what to pack! Finally, Jersey...
Travel Thru History (E/I) Denver "We head underground and visit the Hidee Gold Mine to see how this most precious material is obtained. Then we get a tour of the brand new History Colorado Center where we’ll explore...
Mystery Hunters (E/I) King Midas And Blood Cave "Araya investigates a cave in hawaii said to be haunted by the ghost blood of a murdered queen. Christina travels to turkey to investigate the tomb of king midas, the mythical king who...
Safari (E/I) Preditors And The Ecosystem
Edgemont (E/I)
The Rebel Dash Of Gray
Wagon Train The Jed Whitmore Story Jed Whitmore, one of three brothers that committed an infamous train robbery, is now Sheriff Frank Lewis. However, his brother has been released from prison and comes to town with a...
Gunsmoke Arizona Midnight A midget arrives in Dodge City claiming he will turn into an elephant at the stroke of midnight. Arizona begins asking for someone to care for him along with three bales of hay. Everyone...
Bonanza The Search The Cartwrights attempt to reconstruct a 24-hour period of Ben's life after he fears he may have been the unknown gunman who shot down Sid Langley, a corrupt real estate broker who has...
Rawhide Incident Of The Arana Sacar A man called Pagan talks the drovers into visiting a nearby trading post for liquor. When they return, the herd is gone.
Wanted Dead or Alive No Trail Back Joe Hooker, after raiding a bank on behalf of his brother, Ben, is bitten by a dog with rabies. Upon learning this, the sheriff ends his pursuit. Josh, however, decides to go after Hooker...
Wanted Dead or Alive Man On Horseback Charley Red Cloud is blamed for the murder of Will Bascomb. Bascomb's brother, Merv, places a high bounty on Red Cloud.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story Pt I Lucas agrees to take a job as a federal undercover agent and goes to Wyoming to investigate rumors of sales of arms to renegade indians. His life is endangered by the town drunk, who...
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story Pt Ii Mark stays with Miss Milly, while Lucas is in Wyoming on the trail of a gang illegally selling weapons to the Indians. Mark suffers from loneliness and doubt while his father is away for...
Adam-12 Log #66 - The Vandals Reed and Malloy have a gun pulled on them after stopping a car that turns out to be stolen, but the contents of the trunk link the two suspects to an even more sinister crime. Afterward,...
Adam-12 Log #36 -man Between Officer Reed, who is an optimist and still has faith in the human race, is subjected to ridicule from Officer Wells after he is swindled twice. On patrol, he and Malloy come to the aid of...
Batman Batman's Anniversary (1) On an urgent call from Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson switch to Batman and Robin and rush to The Gotham Plaza Hotel; once there, they are surprised by a party being...
Batman A Riddling Controversy (2) As the lethal quicksand has almost claimed our heroes, Batman and Robin escape by reaching down ever so slowly, activate their experimental heel-and-toe Batrockets, and rocket themselves...
Wonder Woman The Girl From Islandia Wonder Woman meets a young girl from another world who has very special powers, and convinces her to stay in this world to keep it safe from enemy agents.
Star Trek That Which Survives Kirk, McCoy and Sulu are stranded on a barren planet where a mysterious woman attempts to kill them one at a time, while the Enterprise must travel halfway across the galaxy to rescue them.
Svengoolie The Creature Walks Among Us "This is the final installment in Universal's uneven "Gill Man trilogy," which began with Creature From the Black Lagoon and was followed by Revenge of the Creature, is the least...
Lost in Space The Haunted Lighthouse The Robinsons leave the planet with an alien boy, J-5, in tow, promising to take the boy to his home planet. However, matters are complicated when the Robinsons think they have discovered...
Get Smart Our Man In Toyland KAOS is secretly smuggling secrets out of the country, using a department store as a front and Polly Dollys to smuggle out the secrets.
Get Smart Now You See Him - Now You Don't "A doctor meets Max at his apartment and convinces him that he has escaped from KAOS with an invisibility ray. KAOS then attempts to kidnap Max as tries to figure out if the ray is real."
The Honeymooners Pal O'mine Ralph's feelings are bruised when Ed buys a friendship ring for one of his pals on the sewer crew. Though Ralph gets it stuck on his finger, they eventually make up after Ed survives a...
The Honeymooners Brother Ralph Ralph, after making a suggestion at work, is laid off. Alice decides to take a job as a secretary, but tells her boss that Ralph is her brother.
Car 54, Where Are You? That's Show Business Muldoon's sister Peggy lands a part in the play "Waiting for Wednesday" and the boys of the 53rd Precinct become financial backers before learning that it's a gritty play about police...
Car 54, Where Are You? Toody Undercover Toody winds up undercover as part of a mob ring. His intimate knowledge of the area (bank layouts, burglar alarms & patrolmen habits) makes him a better crook than cop
The Phil Silvers Show Lieutenant Bilko Bilko decides to leave the Army until he learns that during the war he was promoted to Lieutenant - and he is owed over $14,000 in back pay.
The Phil Silvers Show Bilko At Bay Trying to get to New York, and to save money along the way, Bilko and the Corporals arrange to stop off at the homes of members of the platoon for free meals.
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