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Enjoying Everyday Life w/Joyce Meyer
Life Today w/James Robison
The Donna Reed Show To Be A Boy Jeff and Smitty make a vow to stop dating so they can save enough money to build a boat.
I Love Lucy Too Many Crooks Lucy sneaks into the Mertzes' apartment to borrow one of Fred's suits so that she can order him a custom-made tweed suit for his birthday. This...
The Andy Griffith Show Opie Finds A Baby Opie and Arnold find an abandoned infant on the courthouse steps.
The Andy Griffith Show Big Fish In A Small Town While fishing, Howard catches the legendary carp "Old Sam" and has the fish brought to the local museum.
Daniel Boone The Witnesses Israel and two friends witness a murder but are terrorized into silence by the killer.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Substitute Face Mason and Della are traveling on a cruise ship returning to Los Angeles from Vancouver. Carl Houser jumps overboard and is presumed drowned. Houser...
Quincy, M.E. Who Speaks For The Children Polly Carmody, a nine-year-old girl, is murdered and found in a refuse bin. The police quickly pick up a suspect but Lt. Alex Markasian thinks that...
The Rockford Files The Farnsworth Stratagem Jim goes with Dennis and Peggy Becker to the new hotel they have invested in for the weekend. The hotel manger explains they have no rooms, because...
Gunsmoke Women For Sale: Part 1 Matt becomes involved in investigating the disappearance of female settlers and travelers in the region. He links it to a band of renegade Native...
Bonanza Walter And The Outlaws Hoss agrees to dog-sit Obie's dog, Walter, while he is away. What Hoss doesn't anticipate is a confrontation with outlaws that turns a simple task...
The Rifleman The Jailbird When Lucas hires an ex-con as a ranch hand, the man is the first one under suspicion when a robbery and murder occur in the area.
The Rifleman Meeting At Midnight Lucas helps his former Army captain, now an undercover federal agent, infiltrate a gang of bank robbers.
Star Trek A Piece Of The Action The Enterprise travels to a planet suffering from cultural contamination from an earlier expedition—the inhabitants mimic the culture of...
Emergency! Alley Cat A stray cat decides to have her kittens on John's bed at the station. A family is trapped in a downed airplane. An old man gets his foot caught in...
CHiPs The Matchmakers Jon and Ponch help an officer who dreads retirement after 30 years of duty with the California Highway Patrol.
M*A*S*H Hawkeye Hawkeye is injured in a jeep accident and, aware he has a concussion, babbles to a Korean family to keep himself awake.
M*A*S*H Some 38th Parallels Frank tries to distinguish himself by selling the camp garbage, but it's Hawkeye who finds a use for it: he dumps it on a troublesome Colonel Coner.
The Andy Griffith Show Goober Takes A Car Apart Andy needs someone to answer the phone at the courthouse while he is in Mt. Pilot at a sheriff's conference and Barney is on vacation. Against his...
The Andy Griffith Show The Rehabilitation Of Otis Barney tries to use psychology to reform Otis of his drinking habit but this eventually leads Otis to "take his business" elsewhere—the jail...
Hogan's Heroes Guess Who Came To Dinner? Hogan learns his underground contact may be a double agent after he arranges for her to go to England.
The Twilight Zone Nightmare As A Child A schoolteacher finds a strange and very serious little girl on the stairs outside her apartment. The girl seems to know her, and tries to jog her...
The Bob Newhart Show Shrinking Violence Bob offers sound psychological advice to his wife and his therapy group on how to handle anger. Then he proceeds to blow up himself.
The Bob Newhart Show You're Having My Hartley Hot baby news is the order of the day when Carol, Bob's receptionist, announces that she's expecting a baby. Then, Emily drops her bombshell and...
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Rock Hudson In When My Baby Laughs at Me, a vaudeville sketch, Rock leaves Carol behind in order to pursue fame in New York.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Fatal Fetish After a pin-prick to a voodoo doll seemingly results in a stab wound through the chest, Mason is called to determine a more down-to-Earth cause of...
Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit "Perry Mason takes the case of a publisher implicated in the strange murder of a horror novelist."
Night Gallery The Messiah On Mott Street Desperate to stay alive for the sake of his nine-year-old grandson, an elderly, near-penniless Jew on the brink of death pins his hopes for...
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Water's Edge An ex-convict is determined to find burglary loot stashed by his previous cellmate.
Thriller The Storm A woman returns home after two weeks and must spend the evening by herself during a raging storm. She is terrorized by strange sounds and the...
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