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Daniel Boone The First Beau Jemima experiences the sweet pangs of first love with a dashing young outlaw who goes straight because of his feelings for her.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Slandered Submarine Navy Commander Jerome Burke is assisting the police in the investigation of the murder of a cafe singer. The police believe that a sailor assigned...
Quincy, M.E. A Good Smack In The Mouth Asten's wife, Melissa, picks up a young boy wandering at the side of the road at night. Soon afterwards they are involved in an automobile...
The Rockford Files South By Southeast Mistaken for an FBI agent, Jim is put on a plane and flown to Mexico, where he meets an heiress trying to escape her no-good husband.
Gunsmoke Ladies From St. Louis A group of traveling nuns nurse the wounds of outlaw Worth Sweeney, who was injured while defending them from his partners.
Bonanza Sound Of Drums Georgio Rossi is at a loss as to why he isn't allowed to have indians living on his land.
The Rifleman The Coward Lucas becomes involved in a battle between an aspiring writer and a cocky, bragging trail boss.
The Rifleman Surveyors Mark runs away from home after his father questions his story about overhearing a plot to rob the bank.
Emergency! Most Deadly Passage (part 1) "Roy and Johnny are sent to Seattle to study the techniques used there. A skydiver jumps off the Space Needle, a worker is trapped at the top of...
Emergency! Most Deadly Passage (part 2) "Roy and Johnny are sent to Seattle to study the techniques used there. A skydiver jumps off the Space Needle, a worker is trapped at the top of...
CHiPs The Strippers Jon's girlfriend, Diane, finds that her Mercedes 450SL has been stolen.
M*A*S*H Bottoms Up One of Margaret's nurses tries to hide her severe drinking problem, and Hawkeye is scorned after a practical joke he plays on Winchester backfires.
M*A*S*H The Red/white Blues Colonel Potter nearly blows his stack when his well-intentioned colleagues mollycoddle him in order to lower his blood pressure.
The Andy Griffith Show Opie And His Merry Men When Opie and his friends find a hungry man in the woods who tells them the story of Robin Hood, the boys begin to steal for the man.
The Andy Griffith Show Barney And The Cave Rescue Barney is the laughingstock of the town after he mistakes the owner of the Mayberry Bank as a robber.
Saved by the Bell The Substitute The Bayside girls fall for a new substitute teacher, making the guys, especially Zack, jealous.
Saved by the Bell Cream For A Day A zit threatens Kelly's attempt at homecoming queen, but Screech's secret cream may help—or cause disastrous effects!
Saved by the Bell The Mamas And The Papas As a class project, the Bayside gang pairs up for mock weddings, but problems arise when Lisa becomes allergic to Screech, her mock husband.
Saved by the Bell The Babysitters When Kelly breaks her arm, the gang helps take care of her baby brother.
Carol Burnett and Friends Mrs. Wiggins / Stop Grabbing My Jewels In Mrs. Wiggins, Mr. Tudball plans a secret party for Mrs. Wiggins, who per usual, doesn't understand. Then, in Stop Grabbing My Jewels, Tim tries...
Perry Mason The Case Of The Fugitive Nurse Janet Norris is charged with poisoning her doctor husband just before he flew to his death in his private plane. Further investigation reveals that...
The Game of Survival "A temperamental tennis champion is suspected of murdering a newspaper magnate who had him suspended."
Night Gallery The Funeral / The Nature Of The Enemy A vampire plans his belated, lavish—and noisy—final obsequy. NASA mission control watches helplessly as members of a space mission are mysteriously...
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Isabel An ex-convict weds the woman whose evidence sent him to jail.
Thriller Portrait Without A Face After a despicable artist is murdered, his last painting seems to be completing itself and revealing the killer—or is it?
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