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12 O'Clock High Big Brother After making an emergency landing at Magadar, Col. Joe Gallagher finds that his brother, Pres, is in command. Puzzled by the strange behavior of his brother, Col. Gallagher soon learns...
Combat! The Casket Sgt. Saunders clashes with a French mother when he commandeers the truck she is using to transport a casket for her dead son.
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Wagon Train The Melanie Craig Story Everyone wants to help pretty Melanie Craig after her husband is killed in an accident, and several men fight over who will be the one to court and marry her, including Rudd Basham, a...
Gunsmoke A Trail Of Blood Shed Buck Henry Woolf is on the trail of his uncle, who killed his father, stole their money and wounded him. Festus is on the same mission and also to stop the young man from taking the law...
Bonanza The Conquistadors A band of Mexicans kidnaps Joe, demanding a $25,000 ransom. And if that's not bad enough, a group of cowboys is planning to rescue Joe, kill him and claim the gold for themselves.
Rawhide Incident Of The Silent Web Jeannie watches from a distance as John Taggert kills her father, Henry, and leaves. An ex-con comes and takes Henry's clothes and catches Jeannie. He passes himself off as Henry and his...
Wanted Dead or Alive The Last Retreat Sarah Lawton's identification led to killer Clem Robinson's conviction. Now Clem has escaped from prison, and Josh is hired for protection by Mrs. Lawton because her lawyer husband is a...
Wanted Dead or Alive Bounty On Josh Josh is asked to meet a client at a hotel, but upon his arrival the client is shot. Josh tries to figure out who is behind the shooting.
The Rifleman Incident At Line Shack Six Railroad gang boss John Gangling kills one of his crew to rob him of his savings. To cover his tracks, Gangling puts the blame on Johnny Wing, an Apache worker.
The Rifleman Suspicion On the road Lucas and Mark come upon Winslow Quince, a peddler whose wagon has broken down, and help him get his wagon into North Fork for repair. While in North Fork Quince barters...
Adam-12 Venice Division Malloy and Reed have to break the news to a young model that her press agent lied when he said there would be nothing wrong with having a nude photo shoot on a busy public beach. Later,...
Adam-12 Hot Shot Today's patrol begins with a traffic stop of a high-society cat burglar who's just finished serving a four-year prison term, and Malloy senses the guy is about to return to his old ways....
Batman Piece Of The Action, A (1) On a foray into the Pick Chip Stamps Factory in Gotham City, the Green Hornet and Kato, tracing a flood of counterfeit stamps, are confronted by the unlikely Col. Gumm, an evil foreman...
Batman Batman's Satisfaction (2) The Green Hornet and Kato are stamped and thumbtacked to the wall, but Batman and Robin unwittingly come unglued and overpower Col. Gumm, Cancelled, Reprint and Block. At the last...
Wonder Woman The Fine Art Of Crime Wonder Woman foils a ring of art thieves who use life-like statues—that are actually people in suspended animation—to rob museums.
Star Trek The Savage Curtain Kirk and Spock meet Abraham Lincoln and Surak of Vulcan and must do battle with some of history's most terrible villians.
Svengoolie The Mad Ghoul "Curious about the effects of an ancient Mayan nerve gas on humans, a scientist exposes his young assistant and turns him into a mindless ghoul that must have human heart substance to live."
Lost in Space A Day At The Zoo A cave boy appears and attempts to lure Penny away, but she refuses and is instead caught in a net. She is transported to an intergalactic zoo, were she will be put on show. Meanwhile Dr....
Get Smart Stakeout At Blue Mist Mountain "A horde of KAOS agents are taking flights to Washington. Each one carries a piece of a bomb which is meant to explode near an American base. With the help of 44 (disguised as a piece of...
Get Smart The Amazing Harry Who "The Claw (Claw not Claw) is back, and planning to lead Max into his deadly trap. His scheme leads Max and 99 to San Francisco as they follow a Chinese agent (Number 3) in the hopes that...
The Honeymooners Ralph Kramden, Inc. Norton invests in Ralph's stock when Ralph wants twenty dollars. When Ralph thinks he is named in a millionaire's will, arguments arise. It turns out Ralph was simply left a pet bird...
The Honeymooners Young At Heart Ralph and Norton take their wives dancing and rollerskating when they begin to complain about wanting to do things young people do.
Car 54, Where Are You? The Presidential Itch An unexpected challenger vies to unseat Muldoon in his bid to be reelected as president of the policeman's Brotherhood Club.
Car 54, Where Are You? Toody & Muldoon Meet The Russians "Muldoon and Toody are assigned to help guard a visiting Russian official who is under the impression that the police force typifies American life."
The Phil Silvers Show Bilko Saves Ritzik's Marriage When Sergeant Ritzik plays one too many poker games with Bilko, his wife leaves him. It's then up to smooth-talking Ernie to find a way of bringing the two back together.
The Phil Silvers Show Bilko, The Art Lover "In New York, Bilko stays with an old buddy who is a prospective artist, but he falls out with his father, until the father realises how good his son is."
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