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For The Record - Public Affairs
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F Troop Yellow Bird O'Rourke and Agarn bet every cent they own against a $100,000 reward to ransom a beauty who has been captured by unfriendly indians.
F Troop The Ballot Of Corporal Agarn Agarn can decide an election with his single vote, and O'Rourke decides to make it pay off handsomely.
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The Abbott and Costello Show The Haunted Castle Hillary will inherit a castle if she spends one night there. Bud and Lou come along with her for protection and Lou is scared out of his mind by...
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Catholic Sunday Mass
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Saved by the Bell (E/I) Aloha Slater Slater's father, who works in the Army, has been assigned to Hawaii. He thinks everything will be all right because Slater has always wanted to go...
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Saved by the Bell (E/I) Cream For A Day Kelly is nominated for homecoming queen, but she doesn’t want to leave her room when she gets a zit on her nose. Zack and Screech invent an acne...
The Brady Bunch Adios, Johnny Bravo As the Bradys are auditioning for a TV amateur show, a musical agent spies Greg and offers him the chance of becoming a solo star. This begins to...
The Brady Bunch Mail Order Hero Bobby lies to his friends when he tells them that he knows Joe Namath. This leads Cindy to write a bogus letter stating that Bobby is dying and his...
The Brady Bunch Snow White And The Seven Bradys To earn money for a retirement gift for a teacher, the Brady family plans to put on a production of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,' but a...
The Brady Bunch Never Too Young After Bobby defends Millicent at school she rewards him with a kiss and he immediately sees skyrockets. After kissing her again and seeing those...
The Love Boat Country Cousins Blues Gopher finds a huge sum of money; a folk singer meets a politician from her past; a man tampers with his daughter's love life.
Remington Steele Signed, Steeled, & Delivered A geeky CIA researcher with a price on his head comes to the agency for help.
The Streets of San Francisco Whose Little Boy Are You? A Vietnam veteran goes AWOL from the army in order to kidnap the son he has never seen.
The Mod Squad Kill Gently, Sweet Jessie A paroled convicted murderer has his sights set on killing Pete, who he mistakes as the man responsible for a savage beating he suffered years ago.
Hawaii Five-O Nine, Ten -- You're Dead A mob boss seeks revenge on a former boxer who smashed the hand of a novice to prevent him from ending up ruining his life in the boxing ring.
Black Sheep Squadron The Show Must Go On... Sometimes "Pappy cons a unit of lecherous Seabees into repairing the bomb blasted runway with a trumped up promise of a bawdy USO show after the work is...
Columbo Fade In To Murder An egotistical but successful star off a TV detective show murders his blackmailing producer and makes it look like a robbery.
M*A*S*H End Run Billy Tyler, a young black sergeant, is brought into camp with a bullet wound in the leg. He is a football player, and when he discovers that his...
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Foxes And Hounds Affair U.N.C.L.E. and THRUSH agents compete to gain possession of a mind-reading device created by a magician.
Mission: Impossible The Town On holiday and going to meet Rollin at a mountain lodge, Jim stops off in a small town. However, a young couple drop a package containing a gas...
Get Smart Kiss Of Death A women pretends to be in love with Max in order to kill him.
Get Smart It Takes One To Know One Octavia is destroying all of the number two men of CONTROL, so Hymie becomes the new number two man.
The Saint The Element Of Doubt Simon utilizes his own methods to bring a crooked lawyer and his murderous client to justice.
Naked City One Of The Most Important Men In The Whole World A widowed gangster is being challenged for custody of his son by his sister in-law. To show the court that he is a positive influence the gangster...
Route 66 Burning For Burning While working at a chicken ranch in rural Pennsylvania, Tod and Buz meet Agnes Brack, who doesn't like her son's widow, Julie, and is on a mission...
Peter Gunn The Crossbow Gunn is hired by Mr. Copeland to find out who stole his antique crossbow and is using it to murder people.
Mr. Lucky The Gladiators Lucky holds a charity boxing match on board the Fortuna.
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