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The Abbott and Costello Show Efficiency Experts Bud and Lou land jobs as efficiency experts, and are assigned to restrain their client’s daughters from spending money. The young women, however,...
Make Room For Daddy Linda Wants To Be A Boy Rusty gets a new football uniform. When he and his friends go up to his room so he can try it on, Linda tags along. Rusty tells her that football...
Petticoat Junction A Most Momentous Occasion Bickering over sharing a bathroom with Uncle Joe leads to Steve and Betty Jo considering moving out. They haven't had much luck with Mr. Haney's...
The Beverly Hillbillies Elly Becomes A Secretary The Clampetts learn that some of the bank employees are sick, so the clan decides to go down to the bank and offer Drysdale some help. Drysdale is...
The Donna Reed Show For Angie With Love Feeling competition from another boy, Jeff attempts to buy Angie a nicer gift than the one he already has for her birthday party. Paul Petersen...
I Love Lucy Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable "Lucy thinks Ricky cares more about the baby they're having than about her, especially after he buys her presents like bonnets and rattles. But...
Paid Programming
Paid Programming
Daniel Boone Williamsburg Cannon, The (part 1) "At the Governor’s request, Boone heads an expedition to deliver a cannon to the Western frontier."
Perry Mason The Case Of The Crimson Kiss Fay Allison is getting married in a few days to Dane Grover. Her roommate, Anita Bonsal, is having a clandestine affair with a married man, Carver...
Quincy, M.E. Murder By S.o.p. On his way to a forensic pathologist convention in Sacramento, Quincy is stopped by a small-town sheriff. He was trying to stay awake by sticking...
The Rockford Files Deadlock In Parma Jim meets John Traynor while on a fishing trip in Parma. When John takes ill Jim takes him to hospital where John gives Jim his Proxy for the...
Gunsmoke Blind Man's Buff (aka Phoebe) "A man gets shot, loses his memory, and gets taken in by a lonely woman"
Bonanza Twilight Town Joe gets bushwhacked while on a trip near a strange town. The people seem nice enough, but what do they really want?
The Rifleman The Retired Gun Wes Carney and his wife, Clair, want to settle down and they figure North Fork might do fine. Wes is a well known gunfighter, who has promised...
The Rifleman The Photographer Abel Goss, the photographer who took Lucas' wedding photograph, is in North Fork doing a portrait of Mark standing in the street. When Goss sees...
Star Trek The Squire Of Gothos A being that controls matter and creates planets wants to play with the Enterprise crew.
Emergency! Crash John and Roy bring in a football player who was tackled too hard. A burglar has a heart attack. John wants Roy to apologize for calling him "some...
CHiPs Surf's Up Transferred to Malibu Beach, Jon and Ponch deal with problems like a thief who specializes in stealing surfers' vans, an abandoned infant and a...
M*A*S*H The Chosen People A Korean family sets up camp in the middle of the compound. A Korean woman with a baby comes looking for the father, and names Radar.
M*A*S*H As You Were While there are no casualties, Hawkeye and Trapper crate up Frank while he sleeps and receive gorilla suits through the mail. Henry gets a tan and...
The Andy Griffith Show Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Visiting officials take pause when they visit Mayberry and find that the courthouse is full of dogs.
The Andy Griffith Show Mountain Wedding Andy and Barney visit the Darlings to rid them of Ernest T. Bass, who has his mind set on marrying daughter Charlene.
Hogan's Heroes Carter Turns Traitor Carter pretends to be a traitor so he can learn the location of a chemical plant.
The Twilight Zone Four O'clock Oliver Crangle is a bitter, prejudiced man. Through unknown means he intends to shrink every evil person in the world at four o'clock. When four...
Taxi Tony's Lady Tony takes a second job working as a chauffer for a wealthy but friendly woman named Christina. The two of them hit it off while he's driving her...
Taxi Jim And The Kid Jim befriends a runaway child, who has stowed away in Tony's cab, and soon has "adopted" him. When the gang gets wind of this, they find the kid's...
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Carl Reiner In Accident Prone, an accident prone Carol tries to get insurance before she's hurt. Then, in Funny Lady, a comedian can't stop cracking jokes in...
Perry Mason The Case Of The Careless Kidnapper After a fake kidnaping goes wrong, Dr. Gregory Pelham finds that his secret experiments in rehabilitating prominent alcoholics have resulted in a...
Now You See Me, Now You Don't Now You See Me, Now You Don't Banacek assists the daughter of a stage magician, suspected of grand larceny, who disappeared during his act- for real.
Night Gallery Candle, Candle, Burning Bright A woman under psychic attack has visions of a wax doll melting in a ring of fire.
Night Gallery If I Should Die Before I Wake When she returns to her old home, Ruth Ames (Jane Wyman) begins seeing visions, including that of her long-dead daughter, Mindy.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Memo From Purgatory In a Brooklyn slum, an aspiring author joins a gang of hoodlums to collect material for a book.
Thriller The Well Of Doom A man is kidnapped on the eve of his wedding and held prisoner by a ghoulish creature claiming to be the devil himself.
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