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Wanted Dead or Alive Three For One Josh, with prisoner Tom Fellows in tow, stops in Center City for the night, unaware that one of Tom's cohorts is devising a plan to free him.
Make Room For Daddy Kathy's Career Bored with her housewife routine, Kathy accepts a glamorous job at a fashion magazine.
Petticoat Junction Betty Jo's Pen Pal Betty Jo's Japanese pen pal, Nobuko, comes for a visit to the U.S. and stays at the Shady Rest.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Badgers Return Drysdale is intent on getting the Clampetts to identify Colonel Foxhall and Emaline Fetty as dangerous criminals. Emaline is in hiding, but visits Jethro, tricking him into helping her...
The Donna Reed Show Once Upon A Timepiece Donna buys a watch at a pawn shop, but then finds the original owner of the watch.
I Love Lucy Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined Lucy finally gets her chance to be in show business when she tricks Ricky into letting her do the jitterbug in one of his shows. She's terrific during rehearsals, but problems occur...
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Runs Away Larry gets Beaver into trouble when he goads him into trying out Ward's drill. Discovering that the boys damaged the garage wall, Ward hits the roof and scolds Beaver, who in turn decides...
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Guest Beaver is all excited to have his friend, Larry Mondello, stay over for the weekend. However, things start off on the wrong foot when Beaver and Larry get into a fight, which ends with...
Daniel Boone When I Became A Man, I Put Away Childish Things Boone realizes that Israel is maturing when the boy accepts his pet fawn’s return to the wilderness.
The Love Boat The Nubile Nurse A couple takes their son on a cruise in an attempt to end his relationship with an unsuitable girl; a May-December couple rethink their romance; an ex-showgirl's glamorous past...
The Mod Squad The Hot, Hot Car The squad begins an intense search for a stolen car which has been wired with a time bomb set to go off in eight hours.
The Rockford Files Gang At Don’s Drive-in Jim helps his friend Jack, an author whose drinking problem and subject for his new book are creating all kinds of problems.
Gunsmoke The Foundling When the parents of a daughter who was raped refuse to accept the girl's baby, Marshal Dillon must find a home for the child.
Bonanza The Greedy Ones Rumors are flying that old prospector Gus Schultz has struck it rich on the Ponderosa. As a result, Ben Cartwright must contend with a veritable batallion of greedy gold hunters. The...
The Big Valley Caesar's Wife Therese Marvin has strong feelings for her stepson, Will, and a bitter jealousy of Audra, whom she believes is pursuing Will.
Adam-12 Keeping Tabs Malloy and Reed are stunned to discover that the driver who led them on a high-speed chase is the son of Sgt. MacDonald, and Malloy takes it upon himself to help his boss figure out why...
Adam-12 Easy Rap Reed naively thinks the system can help a young serial car thief who continually skirts responsibility for his actions with the help of his rich father's lawyer. In the meantime, he and...
Emergency! That Time Of Year Everyone gives Roy advice on where to go on vacation. Roy gets dizzy during a fire at a singles club. An instructor is injured during a self-defense class. A man with stomach pains is...
The Rifleman Mark's Rifle Sharpshooter Marty Blair tries to persuade Lucas to buy Mark a rifle.
The Rifleman The Most Amazing Man Fast-draw artist Wade Randall is less than anxious to display his prowess.
M*A*S*H U.n. The Night And The Music A United Nations delegation tours the 4077th—a Swede, a Hindu and a British officer— and each leaves a lasting effect on the men and women of the camp.
M*A*S*H Strange Bedfellows The 4077th faces a sleepless night as Charles's snoring keeps B.J. and Hawkeye from counting sheep. Meanwhile, Colonel Potter discovers that his son-in-law, Bob Wilson, has had an affair.
Gilligan's Island Goodbye Island Gilligan discovers a special tree sap that can be used to make pancake syrup.
Happy Days A Little Case Of Revenge "Fonzie receives a good citizenship award from the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, but the ceremony is interrupted by a disgruntled childhood classmate of the Fonz who's been waiting 17...
Hogan's Heroes Klink Vs The Conculator Hogan leads Klink to believe a rabbit trap is a secret electronic device in order for Klink to bring an electronics expert, who wants to defect, to camp.
Welcome Back, Kotter The Breadwinners Epstein goes to interview for a new job and discovers that it's already been taken -- by Washington.
F Troop Johnny Eagle Eye Nearsighted Vanderbilt wins a marksmanship contest with the help of Wrangler Jane.
F Troop A Fort's Best Friend Is Not A Mother Parmenter's domineering mother wants him transferred to a safer post.
The Twilight Zone The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street Paranoia strikes the residents of Maple Street when they believe human-looking aliens have invaded the neighborhood.
Perry Mason The Footloose Doll "Two troubled women, Millie Crest and Fern Driscoll, switch identities. Millie, posing as Fern, stabs shady private eye Carl Davis in the arm in self-defense. Davis then turns up dead...
Dragnet Juvenile: Dr 35 An infant girl is found in a garbage can; Joe and Bill use the child's blanket to track down the mother.
Adam-12 Victim Of The Crime Malloy and Reed are left frustrated after investigating the theft of an elderly woman's old television set, but they have hope that a recently passed law may provide her and other victims...
Night Gallery Something In The Woodwork A lonely alcoholic plots revenge against her ex-husband by calling on a reluctant ghost she finds in her attic.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Mcgregor Afffair "Unintelligent McGregor makes his living carrying boxes to a medical college, uninformed that they hold the corpses of murder victims."
Thriller Man In The Middle A man overhears the kidnapping and murder plot of two unsavory characters and tries to prevent it from being carried out despite the fact that his own life is in danger.
Wagon Train The Luke O'malley Story Luke O'Malley, fleeing Mexican bandits whom he double crossed, joins the wagon train disguised as a minister.
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