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Shepherd's Chapel
Enjoying Everyday Life w/Joyce Meyer
Life Today w/James Robison
The Donna Reed Show Nothing Like A Good Book Donna and Alex attempt to get their children interested in literature.
I Love Lucy Desert Island Lucy and Ethel will do anything to keep Ricky and Fred from judging a Miami Beach beauty contest, and end up being menaced on a seemingly deserted island as a result.
Leave It To Beaver Music Lesson Wally makes the baseball team and Ward openly shows how proud he is of him, leaving Beaver feeling inferior. Trying to impress his parents, Beaver tries out for the band and begins...
Leave It To Beaver New Doctor June has Wally stay home from school when he comes down with a sore throat and suddenly Wally is immersed in attention from his parents, friends and doctor. Jealous and feeling left out,...
Daniel Boone Target Boone Daniel Boone is the intended victim of a vengeful man and his sons—all of whom believe he is a murderer.
Perry Mason The Fiery Fingers When wealthy Louise Gordon is poisoned to death her nurse is charged with the crime. Perry does some digging and discovers that the first wife of the victim's husband also died of...
Ironside The Sacrifice The shadow of doubt is cast over a policeman - a friend of Chief Ironside's - who is accused murdering an abortionist. Ironside once again rails against the court of public opinion to...
Hawaii Five-O Run Johnny Run McGarrett refuses to accept that AWOL sailor John Mala shot a Navy MP without cause. Christopher Walken guest stars as the friend of the shooting victim.
Gunsmoke The Devil's Outpost Outlaw Yancy Tyce and his gang try to free Tyce's younger brother, who's under arrest and being taken to Dodge by Matt.
Bonanza The First Born When a man comes to town claiming to be Marie's son, Joe is not sure what to think. Could this be his brother, or is it all just a big lie?
The Big Valley The Stallion A ranch hand who has gotten too old for regular saddle work is determined to catch a wild stallion to prove he is as capable as ever.
Dragnet Juvenile: Dr 32 A girl's life hangs in the balance as the detectives search for the dog that bit her.
Adam-12 The Dinosaur Eight years after an act of heroism put him out of commission, an officer returns to active duty, only to find that the changes made to the job that limit an officer's power and increase...
Emergency! Publicity Hound John is envious of the publicity given to another paramedic. After Roy and John rescue a man trapped in ship's rigging, John gets seasick. Dr. Brackett clashes with a tycoon over a...
The Rifleman The Trade Outlaw Sam Morley falls in love with a young woman who has a serious illness. He asks Lucas to turn him in for the reward and then use the money to pay for her medical care.
The Rifleman One Went To Denver Lucas welcomes his old friend, Tom Birch, who once saved his life, unaware that the man is now a bank robber who is on the run with his gang.
M*A*S*H The Chosen People A Korean family sets up camp in the middle of the compound. A Korean woman with a baby comes looking for the father, and names Radar.
M*A*S*H As You Were While there are no casualties, Hawkeye and Trapper crate up Frank while he sleeps and receive gorilla suits through the mail. Henry gets a tan and gives another sex orientation lecture....
Gilligan's Island Goodbye, Old Paint A famous painter who has renounced civilization visits the island.
Gilligan's Island My Fair Gilligan After Gilligan saves Mrs. Howell's life, Mr. Howell decides to make him his son.
Hogan's Heroes The Late Inspector General A visiting general upsets plans to blow up a train.
Welcome Back, Kotter Basket Case Gabe and Washington have a problem after Washington makes the varsity basketball team and he decides not to take his exams.
The Bob Newhart Show Backlash One of Bob's more masculine patients enthusiastically slaps him on the back—and, unfortunately for Bob, it throws his back out. Even more unfortunately, Bob and Emily were supposed to be...
The Bob Newhart Show Somebody Down Here Likes Me Rev. Dan Bradford seeks professional advice from Bob—then makes a startling announcement in his Sunday sermon.
The Twilight Zone Penny For Your Thoughts "The lucky flip of a coin seems to give a mild-mannered bank clerk the power to read minds. But he soon learns that you can't believe everything you read."
Perry Mason The Telltale Tap "Balancing private investigation with legal gymnastics, Mason tries to iron out a case of embezzlement and murder."
The Untouchables Murder Under Glass With Prohibition coming to an end, the Chicago mob has been shifting from alcohol to narcotics as their primary source of income. When their supply dries up, Nitti travels to New Orleans...
Night Gallery Whisper Enjoying the thrill of possession, a young wife in a remote country house seeks out spirits of the dead for her entertainment.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Final Escape "A detainee resolute to break out of a maximum-security penitentiary matches wits with his custodian."
Thriller The Bride Who Died Twice A general is forced to give his daughter's hand in marriage to his corrupt commanding officer, but the marriage only results in her death.
Wagon Train The Old Man Charvanaugh Flint leaves the train to escort a wagon to its occupants' new home. When they meet an old man with a wagonload of uncured buffalo skins he's trying to sell, they invite him along as he...
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