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That Girl What's In A Name? Ann's parents are very unhappy when her agent convinces her to change her professional name (same story as the pilot episode).
Make Room For Daddy Danny's Big Fan An enthusiastic and very wealthy fan showers Danny and his family with expensive gifts, much to Danny's extreme annoyance. Soon it becomes evident that this is a kind and lonely man, who...
Petticoat Junction A Visit From The Governor Uncle Joe is disappointed when no one seems to support his proposal to invite the state governor for a visit in Hooterville.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Indians Are Coming When she hears Native Americans are visiting Beverly Hills, Granny is worried about an Indian attack on their land. Drysdale, on the other hand, is worried about losing the Clampett land....
E/I Educational Programming
I Love Lucy Lucy's Club Dance The Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League forms a sextet (with Lucy on sax) as a fundraiser. It's no way to raise money (Ethel likens Lucy's sound to a "moose with a head cold"). Maybe...
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Paid Programming
Daniel Boone The Traitor "Boone, sentenced to hang by the British, must rescue a colonel’s daughter from Indian kidnappers to be granted amnesty,"
Perry Mason The Case Of The Shapely Shadow Naive secretary Janice Wainwright carries out boss Morley Thielman's orders and places a briefcase containing more than $100,000 in a train station locker. Then she waits for the arrival...
Dragnet The L.s.d. Story Sergeant Joe Friday and his partner, Bill Gannon, encounter a freaked-out young LSD user. This is the famous "Blue Boy" episode.
Dragnet The Big Explosion A neo-Nazi psycho has planted a bomb somewhere in L.A. Friday and Gannon have to find it.
The Rockford Files Black Mirror (part 1) Jim falls for Megan, a blind psychologist with a dangerously psychotic patient who is tormenting her.
Gunsmoke Island In The Desert (part 1) Festus, in the desert hunting escaped killer Gard Dixon, is wounded by the outlaw. He is found by Ben Snow, a half-crazy hermit who has been living in the desert with his gold for many...
Bonanza Blood Tie A band of outlaws enact a scheme to rob the Ponderosa, by tricking Hoss and Joe away from the ranch and leaving a wounded Ben alone at home.
The Rifleman The Sheridan Story Frank Blandon, a man with only one good arm, wanders onto the ranch. Lucas gives Blandon a job to "hire him and Mark a clear conscience." General Sheridan and his patrol wander by and...
The Rifleman The Retired Gun Wes Carney and his wife, Clair, want to settle down and they figure North Fork might do fine. Wes is a well known gunfighter, who has promised Clair that he would hang up his guns for...
Adam-12 Suspect #1 Malloy tries to find a way to help a 60-year-old career criminal he arrested 10 years ago, who was recently released and begs to be re-arrested so he can spend his retirement years in the...
Adam-12 Point Of View Sgt. MacDonald is suffering a marital crisis and turns to Malloy for advice. On today's patrol, a female cashier is taken hostage inside a grocery store by a couple of trigger-happy...
Emergency! Firehouse Quintet The Station 51 basketball team qualifies for the semi-finals. The paramedics rescue victims at a gas explosion. While at basketball practice, the firemen treat an injured gymnast. The...
CHiPs Aweigh We Go While assigned to duty at a weigh station, Ponch and Jon go after a hijacked truck.
M*A*S*H Showtime Captain Kaplan is to be shipped home, but becomes paranoid that something will happen to him before he leaves. He takes the wheel of the jeep to drive to Kimpo himself, but crashes and...
M*A*S*H Divided We Stand Brought on by Frank and Margaret's negative reports, General Clayton assigns a psychiatrist, Captain Hildebrand, to examine the 4077th M*A*S*H unit to see if it should be disbanded. Henry...
The Andy Griffith Show The New Doctor A handsome new doctor's arrival in town, and special friendship with Ellie, arouses suspicion in Aunt Bee and Barney and jealousy in Andy.
The Andy Griffith Show Plaque For Mayberry. A Mayor Pike (Dick Elliott) and the townspeople are shocked to discover that the last living descendant of Revolutionary War hero, Nathan Tibbs, is Mayberry's town drunk, Otis Campbell.
Hogan's Heroes Who Stole My Copy Of Mein Kampf? Hogan plans to eliminate a beautiful allied defector who is giving Klink an award.
Gilligan's Island Three To Get Ready The Skipper insists a stone found by Gilligan will grant the finder three wishes before sundown.
Taxi A Woman Between Friends *missing* Bobby and Tony compete for the attentions of the same girl.
Taxi The Great Race Louie and Alex compete to see who can get more tips.
Cheers The Spy Who Came In For A Cold One The bar patrons are all enthralled by the mysterious gentleman who claims to be a secret agent.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Dubious Bridegroom Perry returns to his office late one night and finds an attractive woman climbing into his balcony window. She claims to be Virginia Colfax, the secretary of Ed Garvin who has an office...
Adam-12 Log #56 - Vice Versa Because Malloy has allowed his driver's license to expire, Reed has to do the driving on today's busy patrol. They search for an ice cream truck driver who's been trying to sell marijuana...
Adam-12 Log #106 - Post Time After beginning the search for a well known suspect who just stole a 600-pound offset printing press, Reed and Malloy try to convince an 85-year-old man to leave the soon-to-be demolished...
Night Gallery The Waiting Room A gunfighter's final reckoning awaits him in a frontier saloon.
Ironside Eden Is The Place We Leave A young boxer from San Francisco's Samoan community attempts to break free from the old traditions after a tragedy in the ring results in an opponent's death. As the young man's sponsor,...
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Route 66 Shoulder The Sky My Lad "Tod and Buz befriend a Jewish boy whose family is a victim of anti-Semitism."
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Naked City Show Me The Way To Go Home A young man with emotional problems becomes violent when his mother wants him to be mentally evaluated at Belleview. After assaulting her boyfriend, the NYPD attempts to find him - and...
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