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12 O'Clock High Faith, Hope And Sergeant Aronson Before a big mission, Savage is injured by a piece of shrapnel that hits near his heart and consigned to the hospital.
Combat! A Silent Cry Sgt. Saunders has to escort an arrogant radio expert to aid partisans.
H.R. Pufnstuf The Golden Key When Jimmy buys a map to the location of the Golden Key, which unlocks the Golden Door, a secret way off of Living Island, Witchiepoo captures Pufnstuf in her dungeon, diverting Jimmy...
Land of the Lost Gravity Storm In an attempt to escape from the Land of the Lost, Zarn experiments with the gravitational force of the countryside, endangering the lives of all of the creatures there.
Green Screen Adventures (E/I)
Green Screen Adventures (E/I) Waddles And Spike/peter Pig On A Adventure/day I Got Jealous
Travel Thru History (E/I) New Orleans "The Saints come marching in as we tour the iconic St. Louis Cathedral and the mysterious Ursuline Convent in New Orleans. We delve into Mardi Gras history at Mardi Gras World and visit...
Mystery Hunters (E/I) Ghost Plane, Cursed Ship "Christina flies over the moors of england looking for ghost planes. Araya dives to the wreck of a cursed ocean liner. Doubting dave conjures up some killer fog."
Safari (E/I) The Cougar Of North America
Edgemont (E/I)
Fishing W Ladin-Local
Wagon Train The Fort Pierce Story Colonel Lathrop orders Chris Hale to take the wife of Captain Winters on the wagon train with him. As the only woman at the fort, Nancy Winters is drowning her fear about her husband's...
Gunsmoke Danny (aka Wake) An old friend of Kitty's learns that he is dying, and decides to come out to Dodge to "go out in style."
Bonanza A Hot Day For A Hanging On behalf of his father, Ben Cartwright, Hoss delivers a large sum of money to the town of Dutchman Flats. Upon his arrival, however, Hoss is arrested by Sheriff Stedman on a charge of...
Rawhide Incident Of The Blue Fire A stranger joins the drive, bringing with him St. Elmo's Fire and avenging Commanches. Gil treats the young loner as a little brother, but wrangler Hey Soos preaches that the youngster's...
Wanted: Dead or Alive Bad Gun Against better judgment, Josh serves as guide for a dandified East Coast gun salesman who comes west to retrieve and replace a defective gun he sold to notorious outlaw Curly Bill Brocius.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Tyrant On the trail of a Cavalry deserter and the horses he stole, Josh rides into a town ruled as the private fiefdom of its autocratic, psychopathic marshal.
The Rifleman Three-legged Terror When a rambunctious teenager wrecks a schoolroom, Lucas McCain, as a member of the North Fork school board, asks the boy's reluctant uncle to pay for the damages.
The Rifleman The Angry Man The McCains try to be tolerant of their embittered neighbor, Abel MacDonald, who tells Lucas to keep off his land and won't allow his son to become friends with Mark. However, McCain...
Adam-12 Princess And The Pig Malloy and reed report to a disturbance at a night club caused by a young folk singer whose career has been derailed by drug addiction and contends that she is being threatened with death...
Adam-12 The Tip "Malloy and reed quickly realize that stakeouts won't suffice if they are to ever apprehend brazen armored truck robbers who keep evading capture despite the aid of an informant who has...
Batman An Egg Grows In Gotham (1) In an attempt to take over Gotham City, Egghead pilfers the city charter from its case at City Hall. It seems the city is actually owned by the Mohican Indians and is leased to the city...
Batman The Yegg Foes In Gotham (2) Just as the machine has reached full power and is beginning to tap into the secrets of Bruce's mind, Dick reaches the machine's power switch and raises it from 110 to 220 currents,...
Wonder Woman The Bermuda Triangle Crisis Wonder Woman investigates the disappearance of an intelligence plane over the Bermuda Triangle and secures the safety of Paradise Island.
Star Trek The Paradise Syndrome After having his memory erased on a planet with inhabitants resembling Native Americans, Capt. Kirk is declared a god. Meanwhile, a deadly asteroid is headed toward the planet and the...
Svengoolie Dracula's Daughter "Prof. Van Helsing is in danger of prosecution for the murder of Dracula...until a hypnotic woman steals the Count's body and cremates it. Bloodless corpses start appearing in London...
Lost In Space Treasure Of The Lost Planet Pirate Alonzo P. Tucker returns in search of Billy Bones' treasure, endangering the Robinsons with the three cutthroats he has brought with him.
Get Smart The Farkas Fracas When Agent 99 is caught without dessert, she gratefully accepts chocolate mousse from her solicitous neighbor, Naomi Farkas. Naomi and her husband, Emil, are secret KAOS agents who hope...
Get Smart Temporarily Out Of Control Max as an ensign and the Chief as a yeoman suddenly realize they'd better get off the ship if they are to thwart a KAOS plot.
The Honeymooners Ralph Kramden, Inc. Norton invests in Ralph's stock when Ralph wants twenty dollars. When Ralph thinks he is named in a millionaire's will, arguments arise. It turns out Ralph was simply left a pet bird...
The Honeymooners Young At Heart Ralph and Norton take their wives dancing and rollerskating when they begin to complain about wanting to do things young people do.
Car 54, Where Are You? The Gypsy Curse The boys are told to shut down a gypsy ripoff artist, and when they do, the gypsy puts a curse on Toody.
Car 54, Where Are You? Thirty Days Notice Gunther and Lucille Toody give their landlord notice because they're fed up with their crumbling apartment.
The Phil Silvers Show Sgt. Bilko Presents Ed Sullivan "When TV host Ed Sullivan tries to put on ‘A Salute to the Army' show, the talent scout leaves Bilko out to start with, but when the producer decides to use a jeep in the finale, they...
The Phil Silvers Show Bilko Gets Some Sleep Unable to sleep, Bilko goes to the camp psychiatrist for advice. He is told to give up gambling and women. Should be easy, right?
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