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Shepherd's Chapel
Enjoying Everyday Life w/Joyce Meyer
Life Today w/James Robison
The Donna Reed Show The Homecoming Dance Donna and Alex worry about Mary's blind date with a college boy, so they drive Mary to the college dance.
I Love Lucy Lucy Wants To Move To The Country Lucy decides that it would be nice to move to the country and convinces Ricky to place a comfortable deposit on a big house in Westport, CT. It is not long before Lucy changes her mind....
Leave It To Beaver Ward's Problem Ward must make a decision when a conflict develops concerning which son to spend the weekend with. He can either go on a fishing trip with Wally or take Beaver on a father-son weekend....
Leave It To Beaver Beaver And Chuey Beaver makes a new friend in Chuey Varella but the boy only speaks Spanish. So Beaver asks Eddie, who has taken Spanish, for some help but Eddie plays a joke on Beaver by feeding him a...
Daniel Boone Perilous Passage Captured behind British lines, Boone and Gabe escape and start homeward aided by a chain of American agents.
Perry Mason The Black-eyed Blonde A visit from an attractive blond sporting a black eye segues into a case concerning a wealthy man's long-lost grandson and murder.
Ironside Reprise When Officer Eve Whitfield is critically injured during a pawnshop robbery, Ironside reflects on their first meetings - he as a man still able to walk, and she as a rich local society...
Hawaii Five-O The Lion In The Streets (part 1) McGarrett finds himself stymied when Hawaiian nationalists and local underworld mobsters clash over a union election.
Gunsmoke The Still Festus gets mixed up with Merry Florene and her hillbilly clan again as they try to hide a moonshining still and a stolen prize bull in the cellar of the local school.
Bonanza Knight Errant Hoss picks up a mail order bride for a friend, but problems arise when the bride decides she has fallen in love with Hoss and has no interest in her husband to be.
The Big Valley Turn Of A Card Heath must deliver $5,000 to his brothers to buy a much-needed mine pump at a government auction. A professional gambler wants to divest him of his money, finding Heath’s achilles heel:...
Dragnet S.i.u. - The Ring Friday and Gannon recruit a woman cop to nab a burglar.
Adam-12 Sub-station On temporary assignment at LAX, Reed and Malloy have to save a stewardess who is taken hostage inside a lounge by a man desperately trying to get the attention of a television producer....
Emergency! Kids The station adopts a stray dog, which they name Boot. The firemen rescue a boy from a hole; he turns out to be an abused child. Roy and John rescue another boy whose head is stuck in a...
The Rifleman The Mind Reader When a wealthy rancher is killed, Mark suggests that they seek the aid of a mind reader to identify the murderer.
The Rifleman The Patsy A group of outlaws devise a plan to get rid of Lucas so they can take over the town of North Fork.
M*A*S*H Life With Father Mail from home worries Henry that Lorraine may be seeing other men. Father Mulcahy presides over a Jewish circumcision ceremony for the Korean-born son of a US GI.
M*A*S*H Alcoholics Unanimous Henry's departure to Tokyo leaves Major Burns in charge of the 4077th. He declares total prohibition of alcohol, which leads to a near riot in the camp.
Gilligan's Island Hi-fi Gilligan Gilligan's mouth becomes a radio after he is accidentally hit on the head. When the castaway's regular radio is broken, Gilligan becomes the sole source of information on an approaching...
Gilligan's Island The Chain Of Command The Skipper worries that something is going to happen to him.
Hogan's Heroes Go Light On The Heavey Water Hogan plans to destroy a heavy water supply by convincing Klink it is a youth potion.
Welcome Back, Kotter One Of Our Sweathogs Is Missing Epstein loses a fight and he can't put up with the harassment the other Sweathogs give him, so he disappears.
Rhoda One Is A Number Rhoda seems back to her old life when she realizes she has a pair of great theater seats and no one to go with.
Rhoda Rhoda Likes Mike Rhoda's new boss at the Doyle Costume Company introduces her to Mike, one of his customers who is the owner of a couple of restaurants.
The Twilight Zone Long Distance Call (tape) "A young boy find he can communicate with his dead grandmother through a toy phone."
Perry Mason The Careless Kitten "Franklin Shore, supposedly dead for 10 years, telephones his niece, Helen, and gives her instructions on how to meet him. Then someone takes a shot at Helen's boyfriend and attempts to...
The Untouchables The Nero Rankin Story Although Eliot Ness had successfully destroyed the underground court, he had not smashed its parent organization, the syndicate. Nero Rankin is elected chair of the national board of the...
Night Gallery The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes A phenomenally successful young seer suddenly refuses to make further predictions.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Ordeal Of Mrs. Snow "Good-for-nothing Bruce Richmond prepares a plot to keep his wife's rich aunt from exposing him."
Thriller Worse Than Murder After a wealthy uncle dies and leaves her out of his will, an impoverished niece acquires his diary which details his recurring nightmare concerning a murder that involved him and his...
Wagon Train The Matthew Lowry Story Matthew Lowry seems timid to everyone, especially a bully on the wagon train. Riding upon some cholera-sick wagons in a pass, they find out who he really is and why he has been acting...
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