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Petticoat Junction Betty Jo Catches The Bouquet Tomboy Betty Jo goes looking for a husband on the premise that fate has singled her out to become the next bride in the community.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Diner Jed thinks that it is time for Jethro to start in the business world, and Jethro decides to become a fry cook and open his own restaurant. Jed is okay with this, but when he tells...
The Donna Reed Show Pardon My Gloves When a boy criticizes Donna's acting in a local play, Jeff fights him and ends up with a black eye.
I Love Lucy The Hedda Hopper Show Lucy takes a dive in an effort to further Ricky's career by creating a big splash in Hedda Hopper's Hollywood column. Her scheme turns out to be "all wet" in an adventure that could only...
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Accordion An advertisement in the mail for a free tryout of an accordion has Beaver sneaking around behind Ward's back. After rescuing the flyer from the trash, Beaver sends it in and indeed gets...
Leave It to Beaver Uncle Billy Ward's Uncle Billy arrives in Mayfield for a visit and begins telling Wally and Beaver exaggerated stories. Not realizing this, Beaver expects Billy to come through after promising Beaver...
Daniel Boone To Slay A Giant Daniel Boone saves Gideon, who is suspected of murder, from a hasty hanging by a vengeful mob.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Bluffing Blast A young girl searching for the father she has never seen seeks Mason's help when she's charged with murder.
Dragnet Vice: Dr 30 Posing as orange growers, Friday and Gannon attempt to bust a gambling operation.
Dragnet Forgery: Dr 33 Gary Crosby plays a hippie whose wife has been persuaded—by other hippies—to pass bad checks.
The Rockford Files Tall Woman In Red Wagon At a cemetery Jim, and two other men, are digging up the grave of Charlotte Anne Duskey. Using a portable winch Jim lifts up and opens the casket, but is interrupted by two goons, who...
Gunsmoke Mail Drop A boy (Eddie Hodges) comes to Dodge City in search of his father, only to learn that he is a wanted criminal.
Bonanza The Julia Bulette Story Joe falls for Julia Bulette much to the chagrin of his father and Jean Millain. Millain believes that Julia is his and his alone, making the Cartwrights even more worried about Joe....
The Rifleman The Hangman An ex-convict is blamed for a brutal crime despite his claims of rehabilitation.
The Rifleman Trail Of Hate Lucas is out for vengeance when Mark is used as a pawn in a bank robbery scheme.
Adam-12 Log #54-impersonation Malloy and Reed hope to find an impostor as they investigate a boxing promoter's accusation that a police detective stole $350 from him. In the meantime, they deal with a disgruntled wife...
Adam-12 Log #24-a Rare Occasion Malloy spends a weekend afternoon attending a barbecue at Reed's home, where Reed lets him hold his newborn son for the first time and tries to set him up with his wife's friend. However,...
Emergency! Musical Mania After Chet cracks a joke about John playing the squad horn, John takes up the bagpipes, trombone and guitar. Paramedics help a gardener suffering from tetanus. The father of a boy...
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CHiPs Rally 'round The Bank While investigating a string of drive-in-bank robberies, Ponch is baffled by a visit from his mother.
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M*A*S*H Hey, Doc Its quid pro quo at the 4077th: two bottles of Scotch for secret surgery, and a tank to scare off snipers for an unauthorized shot of penicillin.
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M*A*S*H The Bus Driving back from a medical conference, Radar, Hawkeye, B.J., Sherman and Frank find themselves lost. When they decide to turn around, the bus does not want to start. And when Radar goes...
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The Andy Griffith Show Barney And The Governor Barney is goaded into ticketing the governor's car and mistakenly believes Andy is setting him up for a dressing-down by the governor.
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The Andy Griffith Show Man In A Hurry Big businessman Malcolm Tucker is stuck in Mayberry on a Sunday when his car breaks down outside the city limits. He's soon driven to frustration when he finds there is no way to get...
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Hogan's Heroes Fat Herman, Go Home Hogan plans to get a trainload of stolen paintings back to London, but things get complicated when Marya uses Schultz to impersonate Reich Marshall Goehring.
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Gilligan's Island "v" For Vitamins The Professor determines that the lack of vitamin C on the island threatens the health of the castaways.
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Welcome Back, Kotter Follow The Leader (part 1) Trouble on the Kotter homefront and between the Sweathogs when they hold a new election and Barbarino is overthrown. First of a two-part episode.
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Welcome Back, Kotter Follow The Leader (part 2) Julie has moved into a hotel while Barbarino is living with Gabe, and Washington is making life miserable for the other Sweathogs. Second of a two-part episode.
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Cheers Fortune And Men's Weight Coach is conned into buying an old scale which also prints out fortunes, and the Cheers gang find their fortunes coming true. Meanwhile, Norm and Vera make progress in their relationship.
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Perry Mason The Case Of The Flighty Father Eighteen-year-old Trudy Holbrook's mother has died leaving her $10 million and suddenly two men claiming to be her long-lost father blow into town. The only one who could identify the...
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Adam-12 Foothill Division Malloy, Reed and Sgt. MacDonald go horseback as part of the search for suspects responsible for a break-in at a large ranch. Meanwhile, Sgt. MacDonald offers a reward for the return of...
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Adam-12 West Valley Division Malloy has his eye on an attractive woman he's seeing all over town walking a scotty dog, which eventually turns out to be bad news for her. Meanwhile, he and Reed assist a police...
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Night Gallery The Little Black Bag Miraculous healing—and abrupt tragedy—result when a 21st century medical bag falls into the hands of a discredited 20th century doctor.
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Ironside A Killing At The Track When outside odds horses start winning out of the blue at the local track, Ironside is soon on the case trying to determine if a jockey is throwing the races or if there's something more...
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Route 66 In The Closing Of A Trunk "Alma Hawkes returns to a Gulf Coast fishing town after spending time in prison for killing her father. She is looking for her son and mistakes Tod for the son."
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Naked City Go Fight City Hall A cynical toll booth worker goes on a drinking spree and kidnaps a waiter at the Waldorf Astoria whom he has mistaken for a scientist.
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