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Petticoat Junction Dear Minerva When Sam hands over the "Dear Minerva" column to Kate, she becomes somewhat of an anonymous celebrity.
The Beverly Hillbillies Granny Retires Granny announces to the family that she is planning to retire from her doctor’s practice and tells Elly and Jethro she expects one of them to take...
The Donna Reed Show Advice To Young Lovers While helping Mary win back her boyfriend, Donna recalls how she got Alex to propose.
I Love Lucy Second Honeymoon Lucy schemes to tear Ricky away for a second honeymoon aboard the ocean liner taking them to Europe. The trouble is, Ricky's too busy with his band.
The Andy Griffith Show Howard's Main Event Howard, dating Millie, is threatened by her husky former boyfriend.
Gilligan's Island Gilligan Gets Bugged Gilligan thinks he is doomed after being bitten by a yellow and green bug. Soon, the other castaways also are bitten by the same bug.
Daniel Boone The Gun While Daniel's in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to have a rifle made, an unscrupulous tavern owner tries to obtain his quipu, a gift given to Daniel by...
Perry Mason The Case Of The Ill-fated Faker Jim Ferris is having an affair with his uncle's bored young wife. They concoct a scheme to finagle $80,000 from the man by faking a kidnapping. It...
Quincy, M.E. No Deadly Secret At 4 AM one morning Quincy is awoken by the arrival of a man at his boat. He is in a very bad shape and he dies before Quincy can do anything to...
The Rockford Files Rosendahl And Gilda Stern Are Dead "Jim helps Rita Capkovic prove her innocence when she is accused of murdering a prominent doctor when in fact she witnessed the parties who...
Gunsmoke Vengeance: Part 2 Matt goes after Bob Johnson, who is planning to kill Parker to avenge the death of his friends.
Bonanza The Deserter "Sgt. Samuel Bellis, accused of desertion, murder, and selling guns to the Indians. Bellis insists that he's innocent, and Candy believes him-but...
The Rifleman The Lariat An old friend of Lucas's returns to town in the company of a shady gambler and is accused of cheating at cards.
The Rifleman Smoke Screen Several men are vying for a rancher's daughter's affections. When she is found dead, one of them becomes the prime suspect in her murder.
Emergency! Weird Wednesday A parachutist lands in a tree, an obese man collapses while jogging, an 80-year-old woman breaks her ankle while dancing, a man can't stop the...
Emergency! Dilemma An elevator gets stuck between floors, and then the brake drum fails; inside, a man has a heart attack. A nursing student is in awe of Dr....
CHiPs To Your Health Jon and Ponch help a farmer and his sisters, who have had several near-fatal accidents that look like sabotage.
M*A*S*H Communication Breakdown Winchester infuriates the camp when he hoards his stateside newspapers, and Hawkeye reunites two Korean brothers who have been fighting on opposite...
M*A*S*H Follies Of The Living - Concerns Of The Dead While suffering a fever, Klinger communicates with the spirit of a dead soldier, Private Weston, who stays on to witness his own last rites.
The Andy Griffith Show Bargain Day Aunt Bee, in a flurry of cost-cutting measures, saves money on beef by buying a whole side of it. Unfortunately, this happens at the same time her...
The Andy Griffith Show Divorce, Mountain Style Andy finds himself embroiled in a strange backwoods divorce ritual, ending up as the object of Charlene Darling's affections.
Happy Days Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 1 Trying to revive his slumping "cool," Fonzie plans a televised motorcycle jump over a record 14 garbage cans in the parking lot of Arnold's Drive-In.
Happy Days Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 2 Surgery fixes the Fonz's injured knee but the Cunningham's coddling and his fear that pain will make him appear "uncool" keeps him lying on the...
Happy Days The Other Richie Cunningham Needing to make a good impression for a prospective business deal, Howard asks Richie to take the "Prince of Porcelain's" daughter out on a date....
Happy Days Richie Fights Back After being embarrassed at Arnold's by a couple of hoods, Richie wants to take a jujitsu class to learn how to stand up for himself.
Carol Burnett and Friends Working At Marriage / Natural Velvet In Working at Marriage, Carol and Tim have their weekly gripe promptly at 8am. Then, in Natural Velvet, Carol and the gang parody "National...
Perry Mason The Case Of The Daring Decoy Daniel Conway is involved in a vicious proxy war with Warner Griffith for control of an oil company. Conway's secretary, Rose Calvert, is spying...
The Barefoot Stewardess Caper The Barefoot Stewardess Caper A bevy of international stewardesses have a second career as cat burglars.
Night Gallery The Miracle At Camafeo Instead of spending his insurance settlement on a medical solution, a man looks for a miracle at a Mexican shrine to heal his paralyzed legs.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour See The Monkey Dance A youthful London man heading for a weekend with his married mistress encounters a gentleman with oddly similar plans.
Thriller The Hollow Watcher A scheming wife who murders her father-in-law is then tormented by a scarecrow.
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