The Donna Reed Show

Weekdays at 7 AM eastern (on most MeTV stations)
SYNOPSIS Setting the sitcom stage for the '50s and '60s, 'The Donna Reed Show' stars Donna Reed as happy homemaker Donna Stone, who is married to pediatrician Alex (Carl Betz) and raising teenage children Mary and Jeff (Shelly Fabares and Paul Peterson). With laughter and love, the family resolves minor conflicts such as dealing with a clumsy housekeeper or finding the perfect dress to wear to the school dance. The series included many cameo appearances by celebrities of the day such as baseball superstars Don Drysdale and Willie May, teen heartthrob James Darren and canine actress Lassie.

Did you know?

The show yielded a couple of hit singles, sung by the stars who played the Stone children. Paul Peterson (Jeff Stone) had a hit with "She Can't Find Her Keys" and Shelly Fabares (Mary Stone) took her "Johnny Angel" all the way to the #1 position on the Billboard chart.



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