Well, there’s that mystery crossed off the list. If you’re an iPhone 4S user, you’re familiar with the voice that offers directions, attempts to comprehend your search requests, politely declines to answer your more outlandish questions, and offers the occasional joke. She’s Siri, the phone’s built-in assistant, but in real life she’s a Georgia based voiceover artists named Susan Bennett. Her identity has just been revealed, and you can discover the series of events that lead up to the uncovering of this mystery here:

This Siri business got us thinking about some of TV’s famous disembodied voices. No, really, it did. There was the heard-but-never-seen John Beresford Tipton (voiced by Hollywood announcer Paul Frees), the eccentric multi-billionaire who anonymously gave away millions of dollars to unsuspecting people on The Millionaire, as a mildly perverse sociological experiment.

John Forsyth leant his distinguished voice (“Angels, there’s trouble in the bikini modeling industry…I need you to go undercover.”) to ABC’s infamously popular Charlie’s Angels.

Our favorite disembodied voice, though, comes from MeTV favorite, Rhoda. We’re speaking, of course, of Carlton The Doorman (actually, Carlton, Your Doorman, as he introduced himself each time). Voiced by the extremely talented Lorenzo Music, the loopy Carlton character was an instant fan favorite. 

Music’s credit list is quite impressive. He wrote and performed for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, wrote for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and was one of the co-creators of The Bob Newhart Show – heck, he even co-wrote the theme song for the show! And of course, younger generations know him as the voice of Garfield The Cat in assorted animated TV specials. (Anyone remember this one, though?

So, now we know who Siri is. What’s the next of life’s major mysteries to be revealed?

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